Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcome Christmas AH WHOO AH WHO

Happy Holiday!
I hope everyone had a safe weekend and got all their shopping done.
If you saw the extra blog post I did on Saturday, you'll know that I baked all weekend.  The Christmas Crack is the best, if you haven't tried it, go to the Saturday blog post and get the recipe!  It is great and very easy to make.

I thought I'd give a bit of a tour of my house.  I've been contemplating as I don't have one of those phenomenal blogger homes.  My house is a ranch with a VERY tiny, tiny, kitchen.  I mean small.  I don't have a massive dinning or living room.  They are open to each other though.  What I do have is high ceilings.  They arch to 20 feet in the middle of the dinning and living room.  My little house is about 1100 sq ft on each level but I really love it.  We actually live in our house, each and every room.

OK so the outside...
Yep we're THAT house.  
So when you come in the door you are greeted by a small table (I am still looking for another table with storage for this space - one day).  I like lanterns, you'll see them throughout the house.  I also collect Santa's.  In here is one with a reindeer.  

Walking straight you will see our tree in all its glory!
Behind the tree you can see the massive and dark fireplace and mantel.  No I haven't changed it.  My husband likes it as it is so it will stay.  To the left of the tree on the shelf are some more Santa's... I have quite a few!

If you turn to the right I have my love seat and the sliding door to the backyard.  There is also an end table and coffee table.  On the coffee table I've got another lantern with an old salt and pepper shaker.  My Mom brought these to me last year.  One is a Santa and one is an angel.  
 I always have sea shells in my decor as a nod to my home state, Maryland.
If you turn around you will see the dinning and kitchen.  This is my buffet.
And dining table.

The top of my refrigerator.
 And my new chalkboard door!
Now downstairs...As you head down our steps I have several tree's on the bottom landing.  Along with several Santa's!
And a larger tree in the family/TV room.
 My daughter and husband decorated this tree, they did a great job!
 We have bookshelves with movies and books and more Santa's!
If you keep heading left you find the game room/office.  Here is a smaller tree and more Santa's!

I try to decorate every room.  Every bathroom has something Christmassy in it, every bedroom as well.  
This little nativity is in my guest room where my Mother stays.

My girls even have tree's in their bedrooms.
 And even the bathrooms get a bit of Christmas.

I feel that Christmas decor shouldn't be relegated to just one room of the house.  I do go over the top but I love it!

I won't be blogging on Wednesday - Merry Christmas everyone!  I will be back on Friday!
May the joy of family and friends be yours this holiday.

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