Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree - FINALLY!

I finally got my Christmas tree up!  Well I did have help.

It took a while I know.  No excuses but I haven't been feeling well and I've had some computer issues.  I finally caught the family cold and I'm still coughing.  My laptop, well it is my daughters old one that she got when she started high school, she is now a college senior, so every now and then my laptop, a Compaq, just doesn't want to work.  Sunday and Monday it didn't want to load my pictures.

But enough about me lets talk about my Christmas tree.  Does your tree have a theme?  As I have stated before I have decorating ADD and it extends to my Christmas tree.  I have snowflakes, stars, crosses, Santa's, birds and deer as well as regular ornaments.  I do stick to a pallet of blue's, white and silver but this year, I added orange, it is my new favorite color.  We have 20 foot ceilings in our living room, so we have a 9 foot fake tree.  I just burn pine candles and this year I'll be using some small real pine tree's on my dinning room table (that will come later).

I do follow some rules when decorating my tree.  The lights go on first.  I always tell my husband that he could just put the lights on the tree and I don't have to put an ornament on it, I love it with just the lights alone.  But I do decorate it.  We have 14 stands of lights on this tree, I told you I like the lights!  They are all blue and white.

So first things first.  Lights then the silver garland goes on.  

Next is the large ornaments, and anything else large I have like the silver deer and the large snowflakes that I got at the dollar store. I put the bigger items on the tree first.  So the large snowflakes and the deer went on.  Then I try and keep the large things to the middle down and the smaller things middle up and that is it!

I have 3 of these silver glitter deer.  They are really for display and in the past years I've had them on my mantel and dinning table but this year I shoved them in the tree.  So think out of the box when decorating your tree, use the things you like!  If you are a country fan you could use ladders, barn animals or milk pales. How about picture frames with family photo's?  Musical instruments, sheet music, model cars, boats or even children's toys! For garland you could use ribbon, burlap, sheets and even twine or grapevine.  Anything goes!  Don't be afraid to let your tree make a statement about you!  

Do you have a decorating scheme for your Christmas tree?  I'd love to hear it!

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