Friday, December 6, 2013

Bad blogger, Christmas decorations and a craft

I am a bad bad blogger.  I should have all my Christmas decorations up to show everyone for inspiration.  I don't.  Nope not one single thing inside!

I have managed to get all the Thanksgiving decorations down and the house cleaned but that is it.  I find that I am just not motivated this year at all for decorating or Christmas.  I don't know why, I love the season and the cold and snow but it just doesn't feel like Christmas yet to me.  Maybe I am just getting older and loosing the magic.  I sure hope not!

I think that I will watch A Christmas Carol on DVD and hopefully that will put me in the spirit of things.  I have to get motivated though, my husband is going out of town until December 22 on business and I'll be on my own!  So at least our massive tree is going up this weekend!  I will share that on Monday.

I have managed to do a craft, not necessarily a Christmas craft but I think it is pretty cool.  I saw something similar on another blog and thought hmm what if I did this instead?  I like the outcome and it is so, SO easy.

Step 1 - Get an old book or go buy an old hard back book.  It has to be hard backed and one you don't care about any longer.

Step 2 - Get white paint, I used white craft paint and a sponge brush.  Paint the book white, front, back and sides.

Step 3 - After the book is dry:  The blog I saw took black craft paint and splattered it on the book.  I thought, what about a stamp?  I bought a large stamp with writing on it and a large stamp pad.  You could use any stamp you'd like.  I think a Christmas tree one would look great!  Stamp all over the book, front, back and side and this is what you get!  Pretty cool huh!  Now decorate with it!  You can use it as a riser, to put a lamp on or just to stand up on a mantel.  The ideas could be endless.  I will show you how I will use it in my Christmas decorating next week.  I've just got to get it done!  I like because it is not your ordinary thing.

I'll be back on Monday but if you want some Christmas decorating ideas in the meantime, head on over to Jennifer Rizzo's blog -  start at Monday, December 2 and follow the links each day to all the bloggers who are sharing their Christmas decorating.
Have a great weekend!  Victoria

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