Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas table and a craft

This year I decided I wanted live tree's on my holiday table... yes real live trees.  Home Depot had them for $6.00 each and I plan to either plant them in my yard or on our favorite hike after the holidays.

The pot's were more than the tree's at $7.00 each and the bases come separate, off course.  They were $3.00 each.  The pine cones are one's I picked up on our many hikes.  The silver stars on the table are Pottery Barn years ago.  The mercury glass votives are from Home Goods.  The white vases, well I'll show you how I made them in a few... hang in there with me!

The snowflakes and snowmen laying about on the table I got at Big Lot's, they came in a pack for $3.00 - see an old post for specifics on them.  As you can see I didn't even re-plant the tree's yet.  I will get around to it before Christmas (maybe).  I bought the lights on the tree's at Walmart.  They are battery operated AND on a timer!  The tree in the middle blue pot has multi-colored lights and the two on the ends in the green pots have white lights.  
I have a small dinning table, it was inherited from my Aunt and came all the way from Germany.  The problem with it is that it is small... teensie weensie.  So most displays take up the entire table and there ends up not being any room for place settings.  So I try to angle things across the table, one corner to the other with a bunch in the middle.  I'll probably have to scale this back on Christmas day when dinner is served. 
Christmas dinner at my house is usually on 2 tables and or buffet style.  But I love it and that is all that matters.  

Now for the tall white vases.  They are so, SO easy to make!

White pillar vases - you will need:
1.   Junk vases, dollar store vases or vases from Good Will or someplace like that.
2.  Modge Podge or glue.  Did you know you can make modge podge by adding equal parts of water and regular glue?  
3.  A sponge or a sponge brush (I used a sponge brush)
4.  Epson salts or Kosher salt.  
5.  Two paper plates

Prep - I used a plastic garbage bag but you can use newspaper or whatever.  This can be messy so you want to cover the area you will be working on well.  Pour the modge podge or glue onto a paper plate - this makes it easier to work with.  Take your other paper plate and pour the Epson or Kosher salt onto it.  

Step 1 - Take you clean vase and paint it with modge podge.  I put the vase over my hand to make it easier to paint.
Step 2 -Roll your painted vase into the salt. 
Step 3 - Stand the vase up to dry.  I let mine dry overnight.  

You could make them look different by placing rubber bands on the vases first, then painting with the glue then salting.  Once dry you can remove the rubber bands and those areas would be clear.  
You could also color your salt by mixing it with a few drops of food coloring.  

The best part is, if you don't like them, wash them!  Everything comes right off and you can use the vases for something else!  AMAZING!  

And here's an extra craft for you!  
Take a dollar store wreath and 2 dollar store boa's and what do you get?

Pretty cool huh!  Very fluffy.  I really just took a dollar store wreath and 2 white boa's and wrapped them around the wreath, glued the beginning and the end of each boa and wrapped a brown ribbon around it, hung it with a Command hook and called it good.  

Do you do any Christmas crafting?  I'd love to see what your Christmas table looks like!  I'd love to see your crafts.  Wednesday I'll show you several vignettes I've done with lanterns and I'll share my kitchen and other room Christmas decor with you.  Until then, happy decorating, baking and eating!  

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