Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Outdoor Christmas a memorium

When it comes to Christmas, my husband and kids are responsible for our outdoor decorating.  If it were up to me every inch of our house and every bush, every tree and shrub would have lights on them, white lights.  My family prefers things that blow up, light up and spin.  Not that I'm complaining mind you, it's just a different philosophy of what Christmas decorating means to me.  

My husband grew up with a Grandfather who put lights everywhere outside.  They were on the ground, on the roof, intertwined in the fence, all over the house and in every tree and bush.  Even in his later years Grandpa would work tirelessly to put up thousands and thousands of Christmas lights.  He use to say he did it for the grandchildren, to see the looks on their faces when the house was lit.  Personally, I think he liked it just as much, if not more than the kids.  When he passed we inherited several of his outdoor lights.  A nativity, a bear and a string of pinwheel lights that seem to dance when turned on.  

As we got our own house and had children my husband found blow-up decorations.  Now I blame him, but I am just as bad.  We can't go to Home Depot, Lowe's or any store that carries outdoor Christmas decorations this time of the year without buying something.  This year we bought an LED wreath to match the one we bought last year and an LED snowflake.  

We are trying to change everything over to LED.  This way we can at least open the garage door without blowing a circuit breaker!  I think I knew I was in trouble when 2 summers ago my husband hired an electrician to put more outlets on the outside of the house so he would have more places to plug in his Christmas lights.  But back to the blow up things.  We have a Santa with his reindeer and sled, Santa coming out of a chimney, 2 snow globes, a large polar bear, a moose, a train with a carousel inside it, a tree with presents and a bear playing whack-a-penguin.  Not to mention Grandpa's bear, several trees, a moving polar bear, a snowman, deer, a star, several wreaths, a snowflake, a train, 2 banners and candy canes.  WHEW!

Yes we are the Griswolds... but I love it!  Not everything made it up this year, poor Santa and his sled is broken so I guess that means we'll have to replace him with something else next year!  
In the daytime it all looks very ordinary.  

But at night it all comes to life!  

Grandpa Neil's bear.  I think this is from the 50's.

I know there are houses out there with more decorations but I really love ours.  It is put up with loving care and fond memories of a great man, Grandpa Neil, and  I know each time the lights go on that he is smiling down at us proud as can be.  
We live at 5210 Galena Drive, 80918, if you live in COS drive by!  

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