Monday, February 23, 2015

Luck of the Irish

I've always decorated for different holiday's from New Year's to Christmas I decorate for not only the seasons but all the holiday's in between. 

With some of the holiday's the trick is making the décor not look cartoonish or tacky.  Big trick. 

St. Patrick's Day is coming and I am part Irish on my Paternal side so St. Patrick's Day is big for me.  I make my Grandmother's Irish Soda Bread and her Corned Beef and cabbage (I am not a fan of cooked cabbage but my husband loves it).  We always have a big gathering of friends and family and celebrate. 

Contrary to everyone else, I wear blue on St. Patrick's Day not the traditional green.  My Grandmother always said that it is tradition to wear blue, St. Patrick's signature color.  The wearing of the green comes from the Irish who immigrated here remembering the Emerald Isle by wearing green.  In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is actually a religious holiday and most of the population goes to church then hits the pubs! 

This is a super cute craft and aside from burning my finger with the hot glue it was easy.... EASY! 

Gather your pennies and create this crazy cute craft! 

You will need:
Pennies - I used $2.84 worth of pennies
Letters - 3D letters, I bought at Hobby Lobby (regular price $2.99 each I got them 40% off)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Ready for how easy this is.... just glue the pennies to the letters.  I glued to all the surfaces, front, top, sides and inside.  I DID NOT glue pennies to the bottom of the letters.  I did some pennies facing up and some tail side.   

Yep that is it!  I didn't paint the letters or do anything to them before I glued the pennies to them.  The only thing I would caution you on is be careful, a hot glue gun is well HOT!  I burned my finger. 

So super cute! 
It looks great on my mantle for St. Pat's Day doesn't it!? 

Let me know if you try this!

Until next week, be safe!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Button Craft

I've seen this craft all over Pintrest, usually hearts but with St. Patrick's Day coming I thought why not do a Shamrock instead! 

You'll need:
1 canvas
Lots of buttons - you can choose any colors
Craft Glue - I use craft glue because it dries clear
Pen or pencil - for tracing or drawing
Shape of something you want to create - I got a shamrock off the internet, printed and cut it out

First if you used a shape like I did you will need to cut it out.  Otherwise you can draw out your shape with the pen or pencil. 

Finally, using your glue and buttons start gluing!  I used some buttons that were flat and some that had stem on the back.  I also layered the buttons to cover any spots where the canvas was showing through. 
It took me about an hour from start to finish!

You could do any shape - hearts for Valentine Day; bells or snowflakes for Christmas; Eggs or a cross for Easter; a leaf for the fall; a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Use your imagination! 
You could even be color specific.  I used buttons I had on-hand but you could buy color specific buttons; say orange and black for the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. 

If you've got lot's of buttons on hand I hope you give this easy craft a try! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Next week I'll be decorating for St. Patrick's Day. 

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine Day Decor

Valentine Day is one holiday that I don't decorate a lot for.  I mean, how do you decorate for it without it looking cheesy? 

When my kiddo's were little we would make decorations and I still have them, safely tucked away in a storage box.  I opened the box today and found my daughters painstakingly made heart, age 3.  She cut it out herself and colored it, call me a sap but I cried. 

Let me share some of my Valentine décor. 

Last year I made a heart garland, you can find that here.

I put it up again this year, I think it is really cute.

Last year I also made these X , O and heart boxes.

Along with the LOVE signs.

I also showed this cheap and easy craft.

Here is my mantle this year.
Simple.. I may change it up but for now I like it. 

I shared my front door for this year here - LOVE IT!

Do you decorate for Valentine Day?  I'd love to see your pictures and hear your ideas. 
Next week I'll share a button Valentine Day craft, until then... be safe!

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