Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day button craft

Happy January!

Last week I decided to upgrade to the new windows.  There are some things I really like but other things I do not.  The windows button on the keyboard doesn't seem to work any longer for whatever reason. I can't copy/control V to paste I have to make links.  I also had a hard time finding how to download pictures but I finally got it. 

With all the football happenings this past week - GO BRONCO'S!  I stayed away from television on Sunday and really got my craft on. 

Today I'll share a cute button craft and I'll show you 2 ways to do it. 

So lets start with the end result!

Cute right!

This is what you'll need to make these. 

Buttons - I bought 2 packages of red buttons at Walmart
Canvas - I got 1 that is burlap and another plain white canvas
Glue gun - I recommend it over craft glue if you use a burlap canvas
Heart template
Pen/pencil to outline the template

For starters place your template on the canvas.  I got these at the dollar store.  I like them because they aren't the typical heart AND look at the glitter... I mean come on LOVE.

 After you have laid out your heart and traced around it now you just start gluing. 

I dumped all the buttons out and laid out the larger ones first.  I just started gluing! 
TIP - layer, layer, layer your buttons! 
TIP - when working with small buttons put the glue on the canvas NOT the buttons. 

Here is the finished products again.

On the white one I did 2 hearts overlapping and then only outlined the hearts.

 On the burlap one I filled the heart in.  Notice the layering.. Layer, layer, layer.

I think they turned out GREAT and for $12.00 for the BOTH of them I think they are cute cheap Valentine's Day art! 

I only burned myself a few times with the hot glue gun - BONUS! 

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it. 
Come by next week and see what other crafts I made for Valentine's Day - hint - more heart art. 


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Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Decorating

Happy New Year!

It always seems this time of the year we take stock of not only our prior year but we take stock in our homes by purging unnecessary items.  Do you think it is because we got new things for Christmas that we dive into our closets with so much energy and purge anything old and a bit worn? Or do you think it is because we just had our homes decked out to the 'nines' and embraced the clutter and excitement of Christmas or Hanukkah that we now crave simplicity? 

I don't know the psychological reason behind why but every January I find myself doing these same things.  I dive into my closet and anything I haven't worn in 6 months I donate.  I also find myself purging my home of knick-knacks that don't quite fit my style any longer and longing to make things simple. 

So how do you decorate your home after a decorative crazy holiday like Christmas? 

I like to keep things simple after Christmas.  I use candles, snowflakes, wine corks and pinecones in my after Christmas d├ęcor.  Other ideas are flannel and sweater material; think of candles wrapped in a piece of an old sweater or wrapped in flannel.  A basket full of lap blankets sitting next to a chair by a roaring fire evokes images of coziness and warmth. 

For my mantle I chose an old window with a chalkboard in front of it then continued the layering with a photo of pine trees in the snow.  I added 2 of my lanterns and a silver orb on a piece of wood for a rustic feel and an additional picture. 

Remember that the trick to decorating a mantle is layer, layer, layer.  Otherwise things can look like soldiers lined up in a row for inspection. 

I also kept things simple on my buffet.  A blue runner and a gold tray.

I used the other lantern, a metals fleur de lies and 2 mercury cups; one filled with wine corks and the other filled with pinecones. 

Next to the lamp I have another picture of a snow covered pine tree, another mercury cup filled with pine cones, snowflake candles and a ceramic fox.


On the other side of the tray I have a real pine, a decorative plate, a candle on a mercury candlestick that is elevated by another piece of wood (this reflects back to the mantle where the silver sphere is elevated on a piece of wood) and finally another snowflake candle.

I love these snowflake candles they really glow when lit.

How do you decorate after Christmas?  Do you also do a house cleansing like I do?  Right now I've got 2 boxes and 2 bags to go to Goodwill or the Arc.  I'd love to hear your tips and see your pictures for winter decorating! 
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll be back next week with the first of several Valentines Day crafts that I have to share. 
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