Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day button craft

Happy January!

Last week I decided to upgrade to the new windows.  There are some things I really like but other things I do not.  The windows button on the keyboard doesn't seem to work any longer for whatever reason. I can't copy/control V to paste I have to make links.  I also had a hard time finding how to download pictures but I finally got it. 

With all the football happenings this past week - GO BRONCO'S!  I stayed away from television on Sunday and really got my craft on. 

Today I'll share a cute button craft and I'll show you 2 ways to do it. 

So lets start with the end result!

Cute right!

This is what you'll need to make these. 

Buttons - I bought 2 packages of red buttons at Walmart
Canvas - I got 1 that is burlap and another plain white canvas
Glue gun - I recommend it over craft glue if you use a burlap canvas
Heart template
Pen/pencil to outline the template

For starters place your template on the canvas.  I got these at the dollar store.  I like them because they aren't the typical heart AND look at the glitter... I mean come on LOVE.

 After you have laid out your heart and traced around it now you just start gluing. 

I dumped all the buttons out and laid out the larger ones first.  I just started gluing! 
TIP - layer, layer, layer your buttons! 
TIP - when working with small buttons put the glue on the canvas NOT the buttons. 

Here is the finished products again.

On the white one I did 2 hearts overlapping and then only outlined the hearts.

 On the burlap one I filled the heart in.  Notice the layering.. Layer, layer, layer.

I think they turned out GREAT and for $12.00 for the BOTH of them I think they are cute cheap Valentine's Day art! 

I only burned myself a few times with the hot glue gun - BONUS! 

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it. 
Come by next week and see what other crafts I made for Valentine's Day - hint - more heart art. 


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  1. This is really impressive. All those bright shiny buttons! Just the prefect thing to make for Valantine's Day!