Friday, December 13, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well sort of anyway.  I am getting there slowly but surely.  Did I say slowly?

I shared my tree on Wednesday and I hope you got some inspiration for decorating your own.  Today I am sharing tables, collections and mantels.
Remember when I said I have decorating ADD, well I do, and it extends to Christmas.  I buy what I like which is usually shinny, glittery and colorful then I try to make it work with my other decor.  Yet even there I change my mind constantly.  There are so many things about so many styles that I like that I just can't pick one style.  But my house does explode at Christmas, I am not a minimalist this time of the year. This is my buffet table this year.
I got the orange tree at Target for $10.00, it lights up.  The tree print I got at Home Goods for $7.00.  The quilt that everything is on was made by my Mother-In-Law.  The framed pictures are actually the fronts of Christmas Cards put in dollar store frames, painted white.  The white church is also a Home Goods purchase, it also lights up.  See sparkly and shinny. 
Remember the book craft I shared a couple weeks ago?  Here it is in use.  I love it.

Now for the little scenes in the large jars... The jars are another Home Goods purchase.  The little houses are Martha Stewart and are really ornaments but I like them here better. I bought a hymnal from Goodwill for .50 and ripped out 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and just put it in the jar.  The bottle-brush tree and the caroler are from the dollar store.  The snow... well shh this is a great trick!  It is EPSON salts!  You can also use Kosher salt but Epson is usually cheaper!  Looks like real snow doesn't it!

This is my side table by my couch.  I love Rudolph, he reminds me of my childhood.  I can remember waiting for Rudolph to come on TV and couldn't wait to watch it.  I remember highlighting the day in the TV Guide and sitting in front of our large console TV to watch so excited because once Rudolph played Christmas was just around the corner.  So I've got a bit of a collection of Rudolph things, the NOEL is the Bumble, the house is Santa's workshop and I've got ornaments of Rudolph skating, Hermie and the Misfit Toys.  There is also a nod to where I grew up here, I always have sea shells.  The picture of Santa is another front of a Christmas card in a dollar store frame.  
I also collect Santa's.  I probably have 100 different kind of Santa's and I put the everywhere. More Rudolph in my hutch.
 Santa and the Bumble on the shelf between my kitchen and dinning room.
The Santa in the chair is actually a bank.  Back in the 40's, 50's & 60's when you opened a Christmas club account at The Bank of Baltimore they would give you a small bank to put change in.  I have 2 of these little guys from my Mom.  I just love that orange tree!

More Santa's on a shelf in the living room.
This sits on my coffee table.  My Mom brought them to me last Christmas, they were her mothers and are salt and pepper shakers that she used every year at Christmas.  I don't know why one is an Angel and one is a Santa... anyway they are old from the 1930's or 40's.  Once again the 'snow' is Epson salts. I love lanterns and got this one at Walmart at the end of the summer for $5.00!  The little bottle brush trees are again, dollar store!  
Here is a peak at my mantle.  I am having a hard time with it, I just don't love it.  Is it ok? Yes, but I just don't love it and my motto is, "If you don't love it then don't have it."  So something may change on it, may be I'll love it after a few days and it will stay, see decorating ADD!  I do love the subway art of 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' a Gordman's find for $5.00 and one of the only things red in the room.  
 I do love the mercury glass trees and my Santa picture from Kirkland's.
And the glitter trees.  See shinny and sparkly and glitter! 

These two ornaments are glass, the red one is from Germany and the purple one that you can just see is from England.  They are really heavy and I don't put them on my tree because they don't match.  

I'll hopefully be fully done over the weekend and I'll share the entire house with you.  I decorate everywhere, Christmas isn't confined to my living room, as I said, I am NOT a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorating, it is everywhere - bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, family room, you name a room and I've got something Christmassy in it!
Here is a sneak peak of my chalkboard door in my kitchen.

  Are you decorated for Christmas yet?  Do you have a color scheme or theme you stick to or are you all over the place like me?  I'd love to hear!  Have a great weekend.  

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