Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The blog about nothing

I never plan out what I am going to write, usually I fly by the seat of my pants and write whatever comes to me.  Today is no exception.

I picked my Mother up from the airport today.  Enough said! :-)

So here I sit trying to decide what to write.  I haven't wrapped a gift, haven't started my Christmas favors - yes I make something for everyone to take home with them.  This year I am making water less snow globes.  I've seen them online in catalogs like Anthropology and Pottery Barn and they are crazy expensive.  I figure I can do something similar much cheaper.  I haven't even started them and Christmas is what, a week away!?  I can see me making them Christmas Eve! I found these on another blog - Makely School for Girls - aren't they cute!
They just look so easy and in the stores, they are EXPENSIVE!

Like a little forest.

Now, if I only get time to actually do them!
I still have to make cookies.  Otherwise I think my family will throw me out.
 I have only made 1 batch of cookies.  I have ambitions to make Buckeyes, chocolate chip, Peanut Butter and PB with Hershey kisses, sugar cookies, biscotti and fudge.  So far, I have only made chocolate chip cookies.

I am really behind.
I have to - HAVE TO - wrap this week because all the gifts are in my daughters room and she comes home from college on Sunday.  She'll need someplace to sleep!

Did I say that I am really behind?  Christmas is coming fast and there isn't enough time in the day with working full time then all of this other stuff I want to do.  I need to invent a time machine or something to make time stand still so I can finish a couple of things!  At least I am done, done, done shopping!
What about you are you ready for Christmas?
I will be back on Friday with some last minute gift ideas and hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) I'll have the water-less snow globes done... if not YIKES!  I also hope to show you my house all decorated, yes I finally got it there.  I decorate every single room with something for the holiday.
Till Friday!

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