Friday, December 20, 2013

Water-less snow globes

I did it!  I finally crafted the water-less snow globes.
As I sit here and write this post it is very ironic that I am writing about snow globes when I look outside all our trees have frost over them and it is very foggy.  It looks like I am inside one of my snow globes!

Have you seen these online?  Anthropology carries then starting at $25.00!  I think I made 12 for less than TEN!

What you need.

Glass jars.  I bought canning jars from Walmart in a 12 pack for $8.00.  I bought the large ones. You can use any kind of jar though, if you have old pickle or mayo jars, just any kind of clear jar with a lid.  You will see that I made one in a dollar store sugar dispenser!
Bottle brush trees and or small items to glue into the jars.  I got mine from the dollar store.
Crazy Glue - I had this on hand.  You can also use a craft or even Elmer's glue.
Snow.  I bought mine from the dollar store but you could use Epson or Kosher salts.

Take all the lids off the jars and make sure they are clean.  Now glue your items onto the seal or inside the lid making sure you stay inside the red rim on the canning jars.  Otherwise you won't be able to screw the lid on.
Let the glue dry really well.  
Next, put some 'snow' in the jar part of your globe.  I didn't use much.

Screw the lid on...

 Turn it over and WHA-LA!

 Aren't they cute!  The are very easy and other than working with the super glue a toddler could help you do them.  I am going to tie a ribbon around the bottom and give these as favors to family.
Like a little snow forest.
Now for the sugar container.  I did the same thing except:  instead of gluing to the lid, I glued to the bottom, put the snow in, screwed the lid on and called it good!
Other variations you could try - bleach the bottle brush trees so they are white.  Use ornaments, pictures or even pine cones.  You could embellish the top glass part or the bottom lid part with an ornament or a mini pie tin, a block of wood, a child's block, fabric or anything you want.  Use your imagination!  
I think they turned out soooo cute!  I can't wait to see everyone's expressions when I give them out.  
Have a great weekend!  Monday I'll be sharing my entire house decorated.  Inside and out!  
Be safe if you are driving this weekend, the crazies will be in force!
Till Monday!

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