Monday, March 31, 2014

Crunchy salty chocolate goodness

There have been many recipes all over blog land for crunch salty nutty chocolaty snacks lately.  They all look so good so I decided to put my own spin on one myself.

My kids love what they call 'Puppy Chow'.  We've been making it since they were small to give to friends as Christmas or Birthday gifts along with other home made goodies. 

Puppy Chow is 1 box of corn Chex cereal, 1 regular bag of chocolate chips and 1 box of confectioners sugar.  You melt the chocolate in the microwave.  In a large zip lock bag - I get the 2 gallon ones - put your cereal in the bag (the entire box) and pour the melted chocolate in. Then add the confectioners sugar, zip up the bag and shake till mixed and the cereal is covered.  Then spread the mix out of a piece of wax or parchment paper to dry.  Once dry serve! 

To elaborate on this idea I made the following one. 

1 bag of pre-made Chex mix - For this one I would recommend either cheese or regular.  I bought the regular size bag, not the super big one. 
(You could substitute here and use boxes of the cereal instead)
1 can of peanuts - any kind.  I used salty crunchy planters nuts
1 bag of M&M's - I used regular (Easter pastel) but you could use peanut
1 bag of Reeses pieces - I used Easter pastels

Mix it all together in a large bowl and enjoy!  This stuff is SERIOUSLY good! 

 You could change it up by adding frosted animal crackers or flavored M&M's - do you know they make Cookies and Cream, Carrot Cake and Coconut flavored M&M's? 
I am not so sure about Carrot Cake or Coconut flavored M&M's it might be weird. 

You could also add chocolate pretzels, candy corn, Kisses (though you'd have to unwrap them all first), Robin's Eggs (for Easter), popcorn, Cheese Its,  - the sky is the limit! 
I hope you try it.  I made this big batch on Friday and it is all gone today. 

I've been asked to make more. 
My husband scoffed at it when I made it, he told me 'we don't need that' and then 'no one will eat that.'  Well today he told me he's tried not to like it but it is just too good, so can I make some more? 

Now I am thinking of how I can make it for other holiday's or just everyday! My mind is racing! 

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Let me know if you make this crunchy salty sweet goodness.  It has it all. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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