Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kitchen progress

Yes I still have half my kitchen in my living/dinning room.  Yes it has been over a week.  Yes I am still working on my kitchen! 

I've said it before I have DADD (decorating ADD) and I've got CADD (cleaning ADD) and I've got PADD (project ADD).  I start one thing then see something else then go to that, then start another thing.  I end up with 10 things started and nothing finished.  I tell you it takes me a whole day to clean my house because I start and stop so much. 

But back to my kitchen.  If you remember my wallpaper border that I took down last month...

It was old and dated so when the hubby's away I will play!  It was easy to take down because I put wallpaper sizing on the walls before I installed the wallpaper.  So just a squirt bottle and a putty knife and the border came off, backing and all, in big sections. 

Then came the problem.  The walls underneath the border where a different color than the rest of the walls. 

I tried cleaning them but no luck.  So we painted!  I originally wanted green but the hubby really didn't like it.  I ended up letting him pick a color and he picked blue. 

This is the green I wanted.
The blue he chose is Sherwin Williams wondrous blue.  It is OK, we've got a lot of blue in the house right now and while I really wanted something different but I also want him to like it too.  So blue.
For the top cabinets I chose SW mindful gray - it is a brown based gray.  For the bottom cabinets I chose SW  serious gray which is a blue based gray.

I already wrote about the self leveling paint... What a wonder!  I don't know where this has been all my life but I'm glad it is here now.  No sanding!  YIPEE!!!

We also got knobs.  Who knew I could be in love with knobs but I am.  Can I just tell you how much I love my knobs.  Now I can't decide on the drawer pulls. I have several I am thinking of but just can't pull the trigger and buy. 

So here is the before...white and yuck.  I know some people like a white kitchen but personally it always looked dirty to me. 
And now the after...
Uppers with KNOBS!
 Lowers with KNOBS!

Now since everything was looking so nice I decided to tackle organization.  We have lots of drawers in our kitchen but not a lot of cabinets.  So they are a bit of a mess.... OK they are a big mess!  I don't have a pantry, gosh I wish I did.  So here is my mess... I'm not that afraid to share. 

No wonder I can never find anything! 
I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart and purchased some organizational things to help me get these cabinets in order.  This organizational stuff is EX SPENSIVE! 
But after 2 hours this is what I've got now.

What a difference right!  I can't believe these are the same cabinets. 

Another thing that I talked the hubby into is removing the telephone jack in the kitchen.  We haven't had a land line in 3 or 4 years and they big ugly silver wall jack was an eyesore.  I tried covering it up with a picture but I still knew it was there...soooo, I ripped off the silver box, cut the wire's and taped them off with electrical tape and shoved them in the wall.  Then we had to patch the wall..
It left quite the hole!  I've talked about patching drywall with this yellow mesh before but trust me it works!  This is what the same area looks like now.
You can't even tell a big ugly silver wall box was there! 
Now I am almost done with the kitchen.  It is just cleaning out every shelf and putting up new shelf liners, adding drawer pulls, hanging a shelf and organizing and I'm done!  Oh yeah, we are going to switch out that light switch above to a toggle one.  When I am all said and done I'll share the final result.  Maybe next week?? who knows! 
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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  1. I do like the blues and grays of your kitchen. :D We don't have a pantry, either, so please share some of your tips. The cabinets look better, and I see some baskets there….

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
    Ricki Jill