Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kitchen reveal

Well it is done - well all but 1 drawer - our junk drawer. 

Why does every house have a junk drawer?  I am very proud to say that we have only this one but why?
This is my small junk drawer.  You can see I've attempted organization before - the basket full of pens, pencils and scissors, but that is about it.  I am tackling it this weekend!  I will prevail!!

So onto the kitchen. 
Can I tell you how much I love knobs and handles?  Where have they been all my life!  I think it all looks great. 

So for the review... the before:  White cabinets that constantly looked dirty, outdated wall paper border and a bunch of rugs and just stuff. 

Let's look at the disaster I've lived in for 18 years shall we.. don't be afraid.  I know the junk drawer I just shared is scary but the kitchen, while bad, wasn't bad enough to be on 'Worst Kitchen's in America' or anything....
Notice the 'lazy Suzan' door doesn't shut right.... 

 I have no place to store my pots and pans so I have to hang them... notice the door on that cabinet doesn't shut either... yeah, that got fixed.

Cupboard door fixed! 
Look at my pretty hardware! 

A shelf - my attempt to make it all look better.  Originally this was hung low and my 6 foot + tall husband hit is cheek, his shoulder and his neck on it several times... but he's the silly man who hung it there! 
Ok, it was bad... BUT - it got fixed and it is amazing what some color, knobs and handles will do!

Now the after -
Serious Gray on the bottom cabinets and Mindful Gray on the uppers with wondrous blue on the walls and backsplash.  The knobs are from Home Depot they came in a bulk pack for $20.00 a pack of 10.  The drawer pulls also came from Home Depot and were $2.98 each. 

 We did not have money for new appliances - notice the duct tape on my microwave!?  STILL there holding the button on. 
 As you can see this is NOT a big space... 

I found this great rug at World Market  2 weeks ago, originally $34.00 on sale for $29.99 and I had a 30% off coupon... whoo hoo! 
I love it so much I'm thinking of getting 4 of them, sewing them together and making a rug for my living room. 
This time we kept the decorations to a minimum.  I did have my husband re-hang the shelf...however, higher this time - yes it is a bit high but it is better than his black eye from hitting it. 
I re-used the coffee cup picture that was there before.  The only other thing we hung was this sign that I got at Hobby Lobby - originally $19.99 and it was half off the week I bought it.  So TEN BUCKS! 

Well that is the kitchen.  Not a big space but I think it looks amazing.  And yes, I still love my knobs and handles. 
So to re-cap...
I will eventually get a new curtain but this one will have to do for now. 
Again - BEFORE:  - see the duct tape on the microwave! 
 And AFTER - still duct tape on the microwave! 
I just am amazed at what paint can do.  It can transform your room! 

I hope you have an amazing weekend. 
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Next week I'll explain how I organized my cupboards and drawers.  I've already given a sneak peek at the before and the after is crazy nice!  Till Tuesday - stay safe!

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