Sunday, March 16, 2014

Amazing finds this weekend!

I just had to share what amazing things I found this weekend! 

First up this beauty...
No not the plethora of plants, nor the vacuum cleaner...the cart. 

I was in my local Home Goods store and was looking for a new purse.  I always shop the back corners of the stores and the clearance sections if marked and always, always back end caps of isles.  You find the best bargains there.  I found this in the back corner folded up. 

At first it just looked like a neat long wood tray with a glass bottom, then I went to pick it up!  Magic people I tell you magic! I actually gasped I was so excited!  It was originally $49.00 - OK let's just say Fifty bucks!  It was on clearance for, get this, $24.99 - OK let's say twenty five dollars!  Half off!  I looked at it, opened it up, moved it around and I could NOT find nothing wrong with it.  Needless to say I put it in my cart so fast the other lady now eyeing in frowned.  Really she sighed and spun on her heel and walked away. 

And no, I did not buy a new purse. 

Then I went to Target.  I had a coupon on the cartwheel app for 15% off Threshold baskets.  I wanted a small basket to put all the remotes in.  Hopefully this will keep them from getting lost in the future! 

Look at what I scored! 

First - all decorative pillows were buy one get on 50% off.  I also had a cartwheel coupon for 15% off decorative pillows! 
I got these two.
One of the best things about Target and the cartwheel app????  you only need 1 coupon to get 15% off  - so I got 15% off EACH of these with just 1 coupon PLUS I got another 50% one at the buy one get on 1/2 off!!  So 65% off one and 15% off the other - CRAZY! 

Look what I found on an end cap on clearance....

A 6 foot sisal runner originally $60.00 for get this... wait for it... $20.00!  well, $19.98.  It will do great at my sliding glass door. 

And this time I did get what I went in to get, the basket. 
Original price - $7.29 and I got it for 15% off with my coupon. 
I also bought some cosmetics - eye shadow and a lip pencil and had a 20% off cosmetics coupon on the cartwheel. 

I did GREAT!  The runner and the tray cart thing were items that I wouldn't normally buy right away but hope they go down in price again.... however, these are also things that when you see them you gotta get them otherwise when you go back in a couple days they will be gone.  They are once in a lifetime buys. 

Tomorrow I am going to share how I organized my kitchen cupboards that hold my food staples.  I'll take you step by step through what I did.  Till tomorrow...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Erin go Bragh! 

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