Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One of my favorite artists - Gustav Klimt

Walls are big blank scary things.  How do you fill them and still make them look good?  What type of art do I choose for my walls?  There are a lot of questions to be answered!

I am an avid photographer and most of the art in my house is either my husbands or my own photography.  Taking your camera outside and snapping pictures then printing them off is easy and pretty cheap. 

I also paint and draw and have some of my own work framed and hanging in my house but since I want to eat I don't make a living at doing these things. 

While studying art in college I was exposed to many different artists and their works.  One of my favorites then and still today is Gustav Klimt. 

Klimt was born in Austria on July 14, 1862.

He is considered an erotic painter as many of his subjects were female nudes.  He is one of the outstanding artists that came out of the Vienna Secession movement, (a 'school' of art formed by several Austrian artists who resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists).  Klimt was the new school's first President.  He is considered a symbolist painter in today's standards. 

You can purchase copies of his work via prints on-line at reasonable prices... but beware, 90% of his work is the female in some sort of undress though he did paint lovely towns and scenery. 

His most famous work is title 'The Kiss'

I like his work because it is very colorful.  It will go in any room's color scheme and with any decorating theme. 
I own several of his prints, my daughter gave me a boxed set of 7 of his prints in 18X20 size for Christmas.

Here are some examples of his work.
This one is called 'Fulfillment'

He painted this lady several times her name is Adel Bloch Bauer.


Some of my favorite works from him are landscapes.
Poppy fields -
 A town by the lake.
 An avenue of tree's. 

 More trees.
 Birch trees in the fall.

But he also did some abstract works.  This one is called 'Stocletfrieze'.  The original is very bright and colorful.  I always thought this one would make a really great rug. 

And finally and possibly my favorite is the 'Tree of Life'
So if you are looking for some art for your walls - try some prints from Gustav Klimt. 

Thanks for stopping by.  This weekend I am decorating for Easter and making a wreath and doing some egg crafts with faux eggs.  I'll be sharing the 'how-to's' in the upcoming weeks. 
I hope you have a great weekend!

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