Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring wreath

TGITH!  Or Thank Goodness it is Thursday!  The weekend is almost here.  Why is it that the weeks go by so slow but the weekends go by so fast?  It isn't right. 

In an effort to bring some spring to my house I've made a wreath that I want to share.  It turned out really well I think. 

Anyone can make a wreath, the are easy to do.  I'll walk you through it step by step. 

Wreath form - here you get to pick your type - straw, twig, foam, wire, etc. AND you get to pick a shape - heart, round or square.  I chose a round twig because it was warped so I got it on clearance for $2.00!
Faux flowers - buy these on sale otherwise they can be a bit pricey.  Here you can get creative by choosing the flowers you like and in the colors you want. 
Faux greener - Again the sky is the limit here depending on if you want to wrap the entire wreath in a string of green (or a string of flowers) or if you just want to use sprigs like I did.
Ribbon - you will need some sort of ribbon to use to hang your wreath.  Now, you can always use ribbon to wrap around your wreath form if you want... be creative! 
Hot glue - I used hot glue on mine to anchor the flowers down.  Craft glue will work but hot glue is the best.
Wire cutters or heavy duty scissors - some of the flowers have thick wire inside the stems and take a bit to cut. 
Your imagination....

Here is what I used:

1 round twig wreath (on sale for $2.00 because it was warped)
Faux hydrangeas - 2 large light green, 2 large white and 3 small off white 
Faux ivy - 2 sprigs
Mint colored ribbon

 Step 1 -
Play with your flowers and greenery!  I lay everything out before I start gluing so I can decide what I like and what I don't.
Step 2 - Cut the excess stems off.  This step can be difficult if not impossible if you don't have the proper tools.  You need wire snips.  The large hydrangeas had a very thick wire inside the stem... so thick my husband had to use a small saw to cut them!
Don't worry if you cut the stems a bit too short.  You want them shorter so there is less bulk on the wreath. 
Step 3 - Lay everything out again now that you have cut the stems to make sure it all still fits like you want. 
Step 4 - Glue, glue, glue.  You will work back to front and outside in.  So I glued the faux green ivy down first, then the large flowers then the small ones. 
Step 5 - After the hot glue has dried take your ribbon and loop it over your wreath, make a knot and hang! 
I think it turned out fantastic.  The hardest part for me was deciding if I wanted the flowers at the top, on the side or at the bottom! 

Options - I could have used a straw wreath and wrapped the ribbon around the entire wreath.  I could have made a bow and placed it at the top or on the side of the wreath - bow making instructions...

I decided that I wanted the flowers to do the talking here.  What do you think? 
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