Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter house tour

As I've said before I do decorate for every season and Easter/Spring is no exception. 

Here are some tips that I use.

1.  Go with what you like.  If you choose things that you like and they work for you then that is enough.
2.  Don't forget other 'common' rooms in your house.  Example - hall or guest bathroom, family room, kitchen, game room etc.  Don't let your theme or specialty decorating stop at your living or dinning area. 
3.  When shopping for spring décor think out of the box.  Try the garden section of your local hobby store.
4.  Bring the outdoors in by using flowers. 

So let's get this tour started shall we! 

I live in a ranch style home,  built in 1970.  It has some specialties that not all ranches have.  I have 20 foot cathedral type ceilings in my entry, living and dinning area.  The bedrooms and hall have 8 foot ceilings.  Many a popcorn effect has been scraped from our ceilings!

On the front door I have the wreath I made in last weeks  blog.
 Once you come in you are greeted by a small entry table with a simple vase and flowers.

As you can see straight into the living room I've got that decorated as well.  The mantel and coffee table.  I took these on Sunday when we were having a typical Rocky Mountain spring - snow.  So yes, the fireplace was going! 

As you turn right you see the dinning room table. 
Here I used the burlap dollar store PB knock off vases.  Two are filled with flowers and two have candles in them.  I also have the dollar store succulent vases that I made on the table.  I bought some pansies and an orange flower to put on the table.  The pansies are still in their original containers from the store as I plan to plant them outside soon.  I simply wrapped them in left-over burlap and tied them with dollar store ribbon that I had leftover from the vase craft. 

The little terra cotta pots are filled with faux grass and some wooden painted eggs. 
 The bunny candy dish I did get at PB last year on sale. They still sell it. 
 The burlap wrapped pansies. 
Behind the dinning table is the buffet.  I decorated it as well.
 I took the bunnies out of the basket and replaced them with birds. 
 The statue of the little girl holds jelly beans.  This year she is holding the red ones. 
I have a bunny in my hall bathroom.
I even have bunnies in my family room.

Probably my favorite thing in all the Easter decorating is the bunny cart.  My Uncle made it for me on my first Easter and I still have it with its original paint.
You will notice that I got some of my decorating items from the garden department.  Easter and springtime for me is being born again, not only me but the world is coming alive and being given another chance at life everlasting.  I naturally gravitate toward the garden department for the outdoor statues to represent this for me.  Most of the bunnies, all of the birds and the little girl statue are all from the garden department at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. 

So think out of the box when you decorate for spring.  Let your imagination go wild.  Always remember to buy what you love, that is what counts.  Remember that you can change the color of anything! 

Have a great week.  I'll be back on Thursday with another door décor tutorial.  This one involves canvas, wood letters, scrapbook paper and some beads.  I hope you'll be back! 


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  1. I love all your vignettes. I'm so glad you shared with us on Twirl and Take a Bow! Hope you'll join us again on Tuesday! ~Tammy