Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's April and it is still snowing....

Well that is my excuse anyway.

Today I was 'supposed' to show you a cute little front door plaque that I am making out of flat canvas, a wooden letter, some pearl beads, flowers and craft paper.  Problem.... I can't get the wooden letter to stick to the canvas.  I tried craft glue - the letter is too heavy.  Now I am on to hot glue.  It is a present for my In-Laws that I plan to give them on Easter Sunday so I must finish it this week.  I am hoping to have this resolved tomorrow and can share step by step on Friday... we will see! 

In the meantime  - oh yes, it is snowing here in Colorado.  It turns out that April is our snowiest month along the front range.  We normally don't get 'spring' till mid-May.  I don't plant anything outside till at least after Mothers Day otherwise I risk losing it to the snow and cold. 

I do have planting plans.  I have a nice size garden in our backyard.  I have Dalia's and wildflower seeds to plant, as soon as it stops snowing at least.  For the front yard I want to make some planters for the front porch and possibly create a path through my front lawn to the sidewalk....
I'd love to do something like this -

Aren't these beautiful!  The problem is I bet they take a lot, a LOT of time to do.  I don't think I am that patient. 
We will probably end up with something that is more realistic like this...
I like it, simple and it will go with our house..

So it is still snowing here, didn't I say that already?  Yep snowing. 
Now to the point of this post. 
A few weeks ago I was in Home Depot.  I've been eyeing a Martha Stewart sunburst mirror and it is now on clearance.  Get it while you can!  Anyway I saw these great bulbs in a large pot.  They were blooming already but the hyacinths, tulips and pom-pom daffodils were just beautiful.  I was talking with the bulb lady there (did you know that the folks in the garden center aren't permanent HD employees?  Nope they work for a nursery that each HD brings in with the flowers).  Anyway, I was chatting with the bulb lady and she said that I can make the already bloomed bulbs think they have been dormant and get them to bloom again. 
I was intrigued. 

This is what she said to do.
After your blooms are spent -

 Remove them from the soil
Next -  cut off the ends and a bit of the bulb itself.  The opposite end from the root system.

Then place them in a paper bag and put them in your refrigerator for at least 3 weeks.  After that re-plant them, give them plenty of water and sunlight and they will bloom again.  The bulb lady said that the cold and the cutting will make them think it is winter and when you replant and they get water and sun they will think it is time to bloom. 

Mine are still in the refrigerator - I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.  I won't be able to plant mine outside till mid-May.  In the meantime my daughter keeps asking me why there is a brown paper bag full of dirty bulbs in our refrigerator! 

Next week I will only have 1 post as I'm taking a little vacation to see Monument Valley.  I can't wait to see it in person. 
Thanks for stopping by!  I will keep everyone posted on how and if the bulbs re-generate and bloom again.

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