Monday, April 7, 2014

Another PB knock off

I love Pottery Barn.  I love the look and how well their things are made but really does it have to be soooo expensive?  NO.  I think you can make a good quality product for much less than what is charged. 

Thus we come to another knock off.  I saw several in the Easter catalog that I know anyone could do with the right parts. 

Today I'm sharing this knock off..

The large basket in the back with the bunnies in it.  In the catalog the basket comes in small for $39.50 or large for $79.00.  EIGHTY DOLLARS for a basket!  This is unreal.  BUT I'm not done.  Each bunny is $32.50 - EACH.  That also doesn't include the little 'Happy Easter' sign or the faux tulips that are stuffed in the basket. 

To re-make this you will need:
1.  A basket - I got mine at Hobby Lobby 50% off ($10.00)
2.  Faux flowers - I also used tulips.  I got them at HL 50% off ($2.99 each bunch)
3.  Faux green vine - also from HL 50% off ($2.50)
4.  Excelsior - HL $3.99 a bag
5.  Moss (optional)  HL $5.00 a bag
6.  Bunnies - depending on how big you want them or how many.  I have a lot of bunnies that I use to decorate for Easter so I had these on hand.  I've seen bunnies at Big Lot's starting at $5.00.  You can also check the outdoor statue section of stores for ornamental bunnies.  If you want them white and they aren't you can always paint them! 

There are a lot of step by step pictures here so bear with me! 

Step 1 -
I cut the faux green vine and the tulips at the base of each bunch using wire snips.

Step 2 -
Start with the faux green vine.  Stick it in the basket and wind it behind the handle - do this with 1 strand of green on each side.

Step 3 -
Now place your tulips in the basket.  I did one of each color on each side of the handle.  I just stuffed the end in the slots on the basket.
Do this on both the inside and the outside of the basket - on each side of the handle and each side of the basket.  You will use 4 tulips on each side.  

You should end up with something like this...

Now at this point you could hot glue everything down.  I didn't glue mine as I plan on using the basket for other projects. 

Step 4 -
Take your excelsior out of the bag... WARNING - this stuff is messy...
You will need to pull the excelsior apart and place it in the center of the basket.  Make a nest.
Again - this stuff is messy...
Step 5 - place your bunnies in!

I did 2 versions of this.  With the version above I used larger bunnies and no moss. 
In the next version I used smaller bunnies and covered the excelsior with moss.


  You could use birds or chicks or any animal you can think of.  I used tulips but you could use any flower you wish.  I think it would look cute with sunflowers or hydrangeas. 
My version was under $30.00 and because I didn't glue everything down I can use them again and again. 
Again the expensive PB version:
And mine:

I hope you try to do a knock off!  If you do I'd love to see your creation.  Please share! 
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