Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentines Day crafts

Here is an easy craft that you can make for Valentines Day.  This one is easy enough that the kiddos can help! 

A string of hearts.
This is a pretty easy craft that if you have small one's in the house they can help. 
You will need the following:    construction paper (I used red and pink), tape, scissors, a hole punch and string as long as where you want to hang it. 

Step 1 - Take your construction paper and cut it.  I used 2 sheets of each color and cut them about 1 inch thick.
Step 2 - Fold each strip in half

Step 3 - You are going to make a heart.  Take the open ends and fold the outsides toward one another.
Step 4 - Tape the two ends together. 

Once you have made all your hearts, using your hole punch, punch a hole through each side and the middle of the heart.  You will end up with 3 holes. 

It doesn't matter where on the heart you punch the holes.  Don't worry about being precise. 
Now, feed your string through each heart.  Since I used pink and red, I alternated the colors as I strung them on.

TIP - Don't cut the string from the spool until you are ready to hang it.  This will help keep the hearts on the string.  

Finally, hang them up!  Pretty easy.  The kiddo's can help cut and string the hearts on.  Some may even be able to use the hole punch. 
Let me know if you try this!  It was pretty easy.  You could glue or sting the hearts together to form a larger heart or a circle or any shape you want.  I think they'd look pretty strung together then formed into a heart.  I used construction paper but you could use scrapbook paper as well.  You can also use any colors you want.  If you used scrapbook paper you could even use a patterned paper. 

Till Wednesday!

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  1. This is so cute! I did something similar last year around Valentine's Day, but never would have thought of punching the holes through each heart. It worked out great!
    Thanks for sharing on Twirl & Take a Bow last week (sorry I'm late to be responding!)

    - Brooke -