Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dollar store glass planters

Here is another easy craft that you can do to bring some spring into your home. 

Here in Colorado we haven't had the worse winter but we've had a lot of cold, cold days in a row.  Minus 9 without the wind chill as a high for the day has been unusual for us.  Believe it or not the front range really does have mild weather.  The mountains usually get most of the snow and we live in with mild temperatures all season long.  Nothing like where I grew up in Maryland with the heat and humidity and cold, snow and ice for months at a time. 
Being tired of the cold I decided I wanted to rush spring along. Now here in the Rockies spring doesn't normally come till May but I can wish. 

This easy craft is completed using parts from the dollar store.  I bought 2 vases and 2 candlesticks. 
I also purchased some rocks in a bag, 2 succulents from Home Depot, soil and the best glue I've ever worked with, E6000.  This stuff will glue anything!  BUT, it's like airplane glue so make sure you are in a well ventilated room otherwise you may get a bit of a buzz. 

As you can see in the photo above, I bought two different size vases or jars but the same size candlesticks.  I wanted the little gardens to be different heights without using books or a riser. 

Step 1 - fill your vase with some rocks, about 1 inch in depth.  You can use charcoal if you'd like.  You are basically making a drain pocket for excess water. 

 Step 2 - fill the vase with dirt. 
Step 3 - place your desired plants in the dirt and water them. 
Step 4 - fill the top with more stones/rocks to keep the dirt in place. 
Step 5 - glue the top of the candlestick to the bottom of the vase.  Follow the directions on the E6000 glue but you just more or less run a bead of glue on the rim of the candlestick and place the vase on it.  DONE.

 Here is what I did with them for Valentine's Day.  I added red ribbon, one with just a simple knot around the widest part of the vase. 
 The smaller one I put on the mantel and tied the candlestick part with a red and white ribbon with a bow. 
  I water them weekly and they have been doing fantastic.  You can use any type of jar to make this little terrarium.  You could use one that has a lid like an apothecary jar, that would be really cute. 

Cost - $4.00 for the glass pieces at the dollar store.  $1.00 for the bag of pebbles from the dollar store, (You would even use colored stones instead of real ones if you'd like to change it up).  I had the soil on hand from last springs summer planting. I had the E600 glue already as well but that runs about $8.00 at ACE hardware.  The plants were $5.00 for the jade plant - it had 4 small plants in the container.  The other small succulent had 2 plants in the container and was $7.00.  I don't know why the little ones were more.  So this craft was a total of $17.00 for me.  You can use any type of plant, I just wanted ones that wouldn't need a lot of water and had shallow root systems but you could use any kind of plant. 

I hope you try to bring some spring into your house this cold winter.  I'd love to see your pictures! 
Till Wednesday.

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