Friday, February 7, 2014

One easy and cheap craft

This craft cost me a whopping $2.00, yes TWO DOLLARS!

I wanted to do something cheap and easy but something that still looked good.  I searched the internet for things with hearts and found a lot of nice images via google to print off on a color printer and frame.

But I didn't really love any of these.  So I headed to the dollar store, where believe it or not, I tend to get inspired.  I found a red gift bag and a frame. 

Now my imagination was going full force!  So here is what I did....
Step 1 - cut the bag up.  Open it up and cut off the sides and the bottom and the top where the ribbon is. 

 Step 2 - Open your picture frame.  I used the model picture that came in it to use as a template for the size of my picture.  Then cut your picture out.

I used the flat side of the bag NOT the side with the fold at the bottom.  This way I have a picture that is free of fold marks. 
Step 3 - Put your cut picture in the frame and display!  EASY
Now you could get a larger frame, this one is 8X10 and mat your picture in the larger frame.  You could even use the sides of the bag for your mat material.  The sides of this bag were plaid.  I saved them along with the other side of the bag that has the fold to eventually make another picture.  I'll buy an 11X14 frame and mat it using the sides of the bag.  The 'Love' itself will be smaller on that one.  I'll share when I finish it.  I gotta go and get another picture frame first! 
I love the idea of this craft.  It is easy, way easy and cheap.  The end result looks good though.  I like that you could frame any bag you have for any season.  A Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween, a Flag for the 4th of July or just a pretty flowered bag for the summer.  If you know someone who is getting married you could buy a 'Just married' bag or some wedding type of bag and use it as a decoration on the table where the guest book is, how cute would that be! 
So this craft could be as cheap or expensive as you want it depending on how much you pay for the bag and the frame.  Again, I spent a whopping $2.00!!!! 
I hope you take a different look when you are at the dollar store.  Let your imagination go CRAZY! 
Have a great weekend.  Colorado people, it is supposed to actually be above zero this next week!  A heat wave!  Stay warm and safe everyone.

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  1. It's a perfect idea! Some gift bags DO make great art. :)

    - Brooke -