Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart box with X's and O's

I hope everyone is having a great week! 
Welcome to my blog, it is in it's infancy and not fancy just yet.  I'll be working on that soon enough but for right now if you are new, welcome.  I hope you enjoy reading and get some great ideas!

Right now I'm in crafty mode for some reason and if you have been following I've been working on some easy Valentines Day crafts.  Today I've got another one for you to try. 

 I made this easy X, O and heart project with just a few items. 
(To get the LOVE canvas craft - see the post dated Jan 31st or link here..)
 That LOVE canvas is an easy project that can be customized for any occasion. 

I just love my heart box, X and O craft.  It is easy to do and you can use any letters or spell out a word if you'd like. 
First, decide on your colors.  You will notice I used 2 colors but you can just use 1 if you'd like.  I chose baby blue and white. 
Next, pick some cool stickers.  I used ones with swirls and a Fleur de lies (because I love them). 
Then pick what you want to spell out.  I was doing this for Valentines Day so I chose X and O and a heart box. 

WARNING - I bought cheap paper mache letters and box.  On my X I had to re-paint it because when I pulled up the sticker it pulled up all the layers of paint and I was left with the brown box.  If you don't want this to happen you may want to make or buy wooden letters. 
The first big step is to decide which color you want as your main color for your letters/box.  I chose not to use traditional red or pink that is associated with Valentines Day and opted for blue. 
OK, now you paint the base color (I used white) - paint your items.  Remember that this color will be revealed when you peel off or remove the cover paint from the stickers. 
After the base color paint thoroughly dries, please let it really dry, I let mine dry overnight, place your stickers where you want them.

Now you paint your top coat color on, right over the base color and the stickers. 
I gave mine 2 coats as I wanted a deep, dark blue. 
Once painted you have several choices of what to do.  Here are your options
Option 1 - Immediately remove the stickers, even while the top coat is still wet... it's OK! 
Option 2 - Let the paint dry, then peel off the stickers.  If you are using real wood you can do this. 
Option 3 - After the paint dries place the sticker over the top (make sure you use a sticker that has a clear background if you do this)
And finally option 4 - let the top coat of paint dry and scratch off the top coat of paint from the sticker - it will reveal the color of paint underneath and the sticker itself.  Leave the sticker on. 

I used option 1 on the O and option 3 on the X and option 4 on the heart.

I really like the idea of this and there are so many options!  Be creative.  You could make a square box or get a block of wood and stencil '4th' on it and either get letters that write out 'July' or another box or block of wood and make a flag.  You could write out 'Joy' or 'Noel' for Christmas.  There are just a lot of things you could think of. 
I hope you try this.  Let me know how it goes and as always if you have questions or need help, just let me know and I'll answer.  You can e-mail me at Dragonfliesandthistles@gmail.com
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On Friday I will share my Valentines Day decorations, you've already gotten a sneak peak at the mantle above but on Friday I'll be sharing my entire house decorations. 
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love your X & O mantel. Pinning. Happy Valentine's Day:)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am glad you like the X & O. Victoria

  2. So sweet! Enjoyed getting to know you + your blog from the Pinterest Party!