Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine decorations

I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day, while the theory is really nice, I don't think anyone should need a special day to show someone they care about them, that is something that should be done 365 days a year on some level.  At the same time my kids love getting Valentine's from friends and really get excited when my husband brings home flowers for the girls, it makes them feel extra special. 

I do decorate for Valentines Day, I have decorated my house for every holiday and season since the kids were little.  They use to love helping me get the decorations out of the boxes and putting things up.  The decorations aren't as elaborate as say Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween but there are hints of the holiday around the house. 

You have already seen hints of the mantel in Wednesdays blog but here is the full view.

I've had the Winnie the Pooh for years.  He's adorable!
The LOVE canvas tutorial is here

I will show everyone how I made this glass planter on Monday!
If you like this string of hearts, the tutorial is here..

I also decorated my buffet, with it's sad broken leg.  I am still hoping to get a replacement and change the legs out to shorter ones and re-use the buffet downstairs as a TV and media stand.  I'll paint it if I do that as well, I just have to locate a replacement first! 
I also decorated my living room shelf.  I made the chalkboard sign before Christmas.  Dollar store silver tray and the leftover chalkboard paint that I had bought for the kitchen door...

Then there is the entry table. 

The cheap LOVE bag craft ended up here...
If you'd like that tutorial here is the link
I also decorated the kitchen chalkboard door.

Then I have some paper hearts that I put around on mirrors and furniture and that is it!

Thanks for taking the tour! 
On Monday I'll show you how to make the glass planters so make sure you check back! 
Next week I'll also be talking about mixing your metals.  Gold and brass are making a comeback in decorating!  Then I'll show you another craft that you can personalize.  I'm getting this one from Michael's and you won't believe how easy it is to do.  Super cute too! 

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Happy Valentines Day everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. 

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