Friday, February 21, 2014

Heavy Metal

Mix your metals?  YOU BETCHA!

Gold and bronze are making a comeback in decorating in a big way this year.  If you have looked through any decorating magazines, Pottery Barn or say Ballard Design, you will see a lot of bronze, copper and gold accents.

Me, I'm not a fan, or at least I thought I wasn't till I started looking around my house and to my astonishment - yes I have copper and gold/brass as well as silver and wrought iron.  So, ok, maybe I am closet fan of these tones. 

This is my entry - notice the really large gold mirror.  Yeah how did I not know this is gold and then how can I say that I'm not a fan?  But wait, it gets better!
This was a gift from my In-Laws.  I just love it, you can hang it vertically or horizontally - so versatile!
This little beauty hangs over my front door.  I got it from Southern Living at Home.
 Behind the door is a wrought iron thing, I think you are supposed to put flowers or something in it, I like it empty, and some silver dragonflies.
Opposite the large gold mirror is this, a brass dragonfly and a wrought iron table (this is the one I want to replace with a dresser) and mirror.  On the table I've got a gold/brass candlestick lamp and a silver tray. 
As you can see I am getting decorated for St. Patrick's Day!  Erin go Bragh means Ireland forever in Celtic. 

Then I looked at my mantel.. hmmm brass, copper, wrought iron and silver accents.
I just love Fleur de Leis and you will see them, dragonflies and sea shells all over my house... did you notice the white dragonfly on the entry table? 

I even have some gold accents on my living room shelf.
The coffee table has a black wrought iron base and a glass top.  I got the gold tray at Home Good a few weeks ago in the clearance section for $3.00!  The orb was a birthday present from my oldest daughter and the decorative brass/gold thing I got a Kirkland's years ago on sale - I still had the tag on the bottom, for $5.00. 
My side table even has a bit of gold to go along with the iron lamp. I got the gold candle holder for .98 cents at Target!  It was on sale - shop those end caps and the back corners of the store people!  Anyway, it was on sale for $4.98, originally $9.99! and I got it with my cartwheel app for .98 cents!  CRAZY!
I also got the orange candle on sale at Target for $2.00, it smells great and I love orange it is one of my favorite colors. 

Now why does this mix of metals work?  Because I repeated it.  In nature things are in odd numbers and heights.  Nothing is perfect and this is what our eye and mind looks for.  So in decorating you need to keep things in varied heights and odd numbers.  I repeated the brass/gold accents around the entry and living/dinning room so it keeps your eyes moving and in your mind it becomes cohesive and right. 
The coffee table would not work with the gold tray and brass orb if I didn't have the gold decorative thing right there and there wasn't gold on the side table nearby.  It would look out of place and stick out like an old sore thumb.  It also works because it is really close to the same coloring as the base of the coffee table. 
If you notice, I also varied the height on things on the table.  The pink candle is lower than everything else then the orb then the decorative finial thing.  Varying the heights keeps your eye moving over a space.  These tricks keep your decorating alive and vibrant. 

I even have some gold in my bedroom...
 I got the gold tray at Target, it is a plate that is on sale right now for $9.00 and they have it in many different colors.  The Lucite lamp I also got at Target a few years ago but they still carry it.  The glass jar with the brass top I've had for eons now, it was a gift and I put potpourri in it since the lid has openings. The jewelry is mine - the gold necklace is from Chico's, (they still carry it), and the silver one is from a shop in the Chapel Hills Mall.

So don't  be afraid to mix your metals!  Go out and buy a few accents, (3). that are gold or brass.  These metals are making a comeback in a big way in decorating (but I don't think they ever really went out of style). 
Next week I'll be sharing a Michaels craft I did for my girls and I'll share my house decorated for St. Patrick's Day and finally, a pulled pork recipe that is to die for! and the best thing about this recipe is that it goes in your crock pot! 
Have a great weekend!  Till Monday -

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  1. I love all of the different metals that you have mixed throughout your home - they all work so well together! My favorite is that orb - your daughter has good taste :) And I'm now convinced that I need the Cartwheel app - you got some major steals! Thanks so much for linking up to Best of the Nest!