Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thinking outside the wreath

Do you put something on your front door for each season? Do you put anything on your front door at all?

I try to put something on my front door, it may hang there a while or over -stretch a season as my spring wreath did,

but I always like to have something on my front door.   To me it says welcome and gives the visitor a glimpse of what to expect inside. 

In the past I've decorated my front door with a variety of things.  Really, let your mind go, you can put anything on your front door. 

This past summer I bought a tall basket from Hobby Lobby.  This fall I filled it with flowers I've collected over the past 2 years on sale.  I put the flowers in and called it good for my fall door.

I like the unexpected aspect of the basket and flowers.  A bit of a departure from the normal wreath and as a bonus, crazy easy! 
Last year I had a burlap wreath on my door.
This year the wreath is hanging on the side of the house, next to the door. 

Let's explore some other ideas for your front door outside the standard wreath.  What else could you put on the front door? 
How about a mirror, a picture or framed art?  Dishes, meaning plates, would be different.  Empty dollar store frames could be painted any colors, taking out the glass and just hanging the frames either in a group or overlapping could be very interesting.  Tree branches with birds in them and even a nest for spring would look really great.  For Halloween you could take those same tree branches and put crows in them or hang small skeletons from them.  Better yet you could buy some dollar store pumpkins and using a 3m hook, hang pumpkins from your front door.  At Christmas you could buy a small, say 3 foot tree, flatten the back so all the branches are toward the front, hang it on the front door and decorate it.  How cute could that be! 
Here are some ideas I got from Pintrest for a front door.
How about a paint stick address plaque?  Home Stories A to Z will walk you through how to make this cute plaque for your front door.  It is easy and can be color coordinated for your house. 
Here is an address plaque I made for my own house.
How about using a shutter and making this?
You can even make gift tags for your front door.
Imagine what you could do with these!  Make ones that look like small flags for 4th of July.  Shape them like eggs for Easter.  The possibilities with this are endless! 
Monograms are all the rage right now.  How about something with a monogram on it? 
Here's one I made for my Mother-In-Law.
You could also try one of these.  You could change the colors up for each season.  How cute would that 'B' look in Christmas paper!! 

I just hope to stir everyone's creativity and get you thinking and I hope you try putting something on your front door if you don't already and if you do, I hope you try something outside the box or wreath! 
Have a great weekend.  I hope to get my shelves finished and decorate them.  I also need to get out my Halloween boxes, yes I have boxeS!!  I'll need to go through everything and decide how I want to decorate for Halloween. 
Can you believe that October is next week!?  Is this year flying by for everyone or is it just me?  It just seems to be going by crazy fast. 
Till Tuesday, stay safe!
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Next week I'll be sharing some more crafts.  I have a Halloween door d├ęcor idea and I hope to share my completed bookshelves, wooden tray and I can't wait to show you what I've done with some remnants of our dead tree! 

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