Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wooden Tray Pinspiration

For this weeks Pintrest Inspiration I have a wooden tray.
Here are my inspirations

I really like wood accents for fall and these wood trays are perfect for a dinning table or any flat surface. 
Here is how I am creating my version of these trays. 
You will need a 1 inch piece of wood.  I used pine because I want to have the knots in the wood.  If you don't want something that rustic use birch, maple or oak. 
Next I measured my table. 
Now here's the tricky part.  You need to measure with the place settings in mind.  I chose my chargers and actually set a place at one end of the table for my measurement.  When you measure the place setting don't forget glasses or anything else you may use in a place setting. 
Next you need to measure the table then take away the measurement of the place setting X 2 (one for each end of the table. 
Now taking your measurement mark you piece of wood.

My husband suggested a square to make sure you are straight in your cut.  To me it didn't matter as I was going to beat this thing up anyway but to get his help we had to cut it his way so we made the line straight. 
Next you cut using a saw.  I wasn't allowed to use the saw because as I was told, 'you'll cut off a finger or something, let me do it.'  Who am I to argue!!!
If you don't have a saw, do your measuring before you go to the big box store.  Most of those places will cut the wood for you for free. 
Now for the fun part.  While I did sand the piece to remove any rough edges, we don't want splinters now do we? you don't have to do this step. 

I used 2 kinds of sanders a belt sander and a hand held one. 
I loved the idea of beating this piece of wood up and trying to make it look older.  We took nails to it and scored it.  We took chains and hit it over and over.  It was very therapeutic.  We even took the sanders and scored sections, rounded some edges and sanded the sides down unevenly.  The idea is to make it look old and beat up, not new and pretty. 
I bought round feet for this piece at Hobby Lobby.  I want to elevate it off the surface a bit. 
Right now the piece is sitting on the side of our porch along with the piece of wood I had cut from our tree.

I am trying to expose them to the elements a bit to help with the old look.  Then I get to attach the feet and stain it.
Next week I will show you the finished piece on my table. 

Have a great weekend!  Stay safe. 

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