Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall 'pin'spiration 2014

 Fall is finally upon us.  I am very happy. 
Fall is my favorite season, the air is crisp and clean smelling.  The leaves are changing and for me, all is right with the world! 
I love the colors of fall, those jewel tone trees and plants look like they've come out of the jewelry box of an Arabian Princess or something.  I take the fall as an opportunity to make my home cozy in many ways.  I burn more candles in the fall, I have more pillows around and throws that invite you to snuggle on the couch or curl up in a chair.  In the summer I try to make my house light and airy whereas in the fall I try to envelope my home in scent and warmth. 

Here is a bit of my house inside and out last year...

This year, if you've been following me on Pintrest - http://www.pinterest.com/vicdenniso/
you know that I've been going a bit crazy with fall pinning!
I currently, as of this typing, have 348 pins in my 'I love fall' Pintrest folder!

I really like Pintrest.  When you place things in your folders you should start to see a pattern of what you like emerge.  I see patterns in my own 'I love fall' folder.  So I'm taking those patterns, because obviously I like them, and seeing what will inspire me this fall season. 

Here are some of my inspirations.

Let's look at some of the patterns that I've noticed in my board.

Front door :
The pattern I see is neutral colors.

 I also have pinned quite a few pumpkins in urns.

 Then there is the mantle.  Lanterns and hurricane's dominate here.


I don't know exactly what I'll come up with for my fall decorating but I have a lot of inspiration on my board to go off!  I hope to get my decorating done this weekend.
Have you decorated yet for fall?  I'd love to hear your ideas. 
Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be posting only once this week.  Next week I'll be back to my Tuesday/Thursday posting.  I'll be sharing not only my fall home tour but a tasty fall snack and more fall crafts for you to try. 
I appreciate your support. 
Have a safe week.
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