Monday, September 22, 2014

The Best Laid Plans - pumpkin craft

I was so excited to blog today about my new shelves that I found at Wal-Mart.  Yep.  They are BH&G shelves that were reasonably priced.  I was excited to teach you how to style shelves, the rule of thirds and to show off something that I've been trying to work on for a year now.

See I have this odd small space next to my fireplace.  It is only 26 inches wide and 18 inches deep and I've been wanting to put something there for, well forever. 

I did have this old 1980's stereo cabinet there but it was too big and took up a lot of space.  I don't have pictures of it because I never styled it and really just kept some wine on it.  But trust me it was big and bulky and well it is a stereo cabinet!  I'll come up with something to convert that into later but I digress.

The space....  So I measured, 26 inches wide.  Yes I measured at the baseboards, yes I measured twice.  I bought the cabinet and came home very excited.  My husband and I put it all together and stood it up and... well I bet you know where this is going.  Yeah, it didn't fit.  Too big, by about 2 inches. 

The moral of this story.  When you buy cabinets make sure you look at all the measurements.  These have 26 inch shelves.. shelves.  That doesn't include the sides, yeah... sides. 

So now the cabinet is down in the basement until I can decide what to do with it.  BUT and best yet, my husband said, 'I can build you shelves if that is what you want.'  I was like, WHAT?  We've NEVER built anything before.  He said, "how hard can it be, we are building boxes.  That is essentially what shelves are."  So we are building them!
  Needless to say my house is now a mess but the unit is all in we are going to do the movable shelves this week then stain it and DONE!  I'll share it all with everyone once it is done.

So today I thought to bring you a messy but easy craft using dollar store pumpkins and some old sheet music my Mom gave me.  You can use anything, tissue paper, craft paper, newspaper etc. 

You will need:
1 dollar store pumpkin
Modge Podge - or glue and water mixed together
At least 3 paper plates
Tissue paper, newspaper, sheet music etc.
1 paint sponge

First step is to rip up your paper into small pieces.  SMALL.  Especially when working with an irregular or round surface.  You need the pieces small so you can manipulate them easy.
Next, pour your Modge Podge out onto one of your paper plates.  Remove the tag from your pumpkin and, setting it on the 2nd paper plate begin painting it with your Modge Podge.  Don't be afraid to be heavy handed with the Modge Podge on this step! You really are gluing paper to the pumpkin.
I worked in sections and took the ripped paper and started gluing it to the pumpkin. 
 Don't worry about being neat.  The smaller the sections the better the outcome.  I started with larger pieces of paper but went to smaller ones as I got into the gluing.  Don't forget the bottom of your pumpkin!
 The final step is to paint the glue all over the outside of the pumpkin.  This will dry clear.
To dry, place it on some additional ripped paper and set the pumpkin on the 3rd paper plate to dry. 
It is messy but I think it will turn out pretty great.  I'll show you the final product in my decorating later this week.  I think I may do one with some pretty fall tissue paper as well. 

I'll be back on Thursday with ideas for a fall front door, we'll be looking outside the traditional wreath.  I've got some great ideas to share.  Until then, thanks so much for stopping by.  Be safe!

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