Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fall house tour 2016

Hi everyone!

My summer has been fantastic!  We camped, hiked, did 4wheel and ATV driving a lot this summer.  I took a TON of photo's of the mountains and I'm still going through them, I've got over 400 to sift through and I'll share some later but needless to say if you've never been to Colorado it should be on your bucket list...I know, I'm prejudice as I'm lucky enough to live here but Colorado is really beautiful. 

I decorated for fall today and didn't hurt myself or anything!  I think this is a record or something.  Not even a broken nail!  So, grab a cup of coffee or tea or if you are me, diet Pepsi... here we GO!

This year I went a bit lighter...not so much.  I just did the tables.  This is my dinning table.  I used a blue dough bowl and filled it with plastic pumpkins and gourds that I spilled over to the sides. 

Here is the view from the other side. 
 I got the owl and fox salt and pepper shakers at Walmart last year... yep Walmart.  The leaf plates are old but I got them at Walmart as well.  The white owl plate is also from Walmart last year. 

Here is a top view.
I should take the sticker off the bottom of the white pumpkin huh....  LOL! 

I buy my faux pumpkins and gourds at the end of each season when they are 1/2 off or from the dollar store.  You can never have too many right???

I kept my mantle camera's for now partly because I wanted to go a bit lighter with my décor for September and partly because I love old camera equipment and old cameras and I just couldn't bear to pack them up until May but the picture says FALL !!! 

I decorated my coffee table with last years dinning table candles.  I bought the plain candle piece at Kirkland's two years ago.  I ALWAYS buy the plain things that way I can decorate it and use it for all seasons.  I wrapped 3 garlands around it and put some fall picks in there.

I also moved the love seat to the wall between the kitchen and dinning room.... remember I switch my dinning and living areas out in the summer since we eat outside on our deck until October.  If you look back here you will see that the loveseat was against the other wall for summer.  I moved it here for fall. 

We tried to get the buffet fixed... it's poor broken leg -  but no one would touch it.  I tried several antique stores.  If you live in the COS area and want it with it's broken leg it is free!  Otherwise I'm trashing it.... yep trashing it.  I know, I know; but it is a BIG piece and my little house doesn't have room for it.  If you want it email me and you can have it broken leg and all but you must come and get it. 

My Mom sent me a gate leg table recently.  I've cleaned it (still needs some attention) but I put it where the old buffet was.
 I also refinished the silverware holder she sent me.  I was going to paint it but when we stripped it the wood was so pretty I just couldn't do it!  


I updated those mason jars that I made last year.  You can see that and my last year fall tour here

Am I the only one who decorates speakers?  We have old BIG ones but they still sound great so I work with them...
That candle it bittersweet and smells soooo good!  I go it at Home Goods for $8.00 and the picture is of my husband's family homestead.  Did I say the candle is amazing??? smells soooooo good! 

I got a new entry table last year for my birthday from my hubby... I just love it.  The old one is down the end of our hall.  But this year I got an Edison lamp from Kirkland's.. I'm eyeing the one online that looks like a fan but I bought this one in the store.  Those Edison bulbs give off a nice amber glow - AWSEOME for this time of the year!  You can see the painted mason jar craft here

Now outside..

This year I pulled out an old chair and decorated it.

I also updated my homemade outdoor blackboard sign for fall.

I added a 'D' to my old wreath that I made years ago.
And here is the front.
Sorry for the sun glare... it was still sunny here in Colorado at 7pm.  Can you see my husband in the kitchen window?  He was photobombing me. 

I decorate all areas of my house for each season.. don't forget spaces that guests visit like bathrooms.
I also decorate our family room with a few pumpkins and decorative items as well as my kitchen.  Since we still live on our back covered porch till October I don't forget that space either.

Thanks for stopping by!  I truly appreciate you looking me over!  Hopefully I've given you some inspiration to decorate your own home for fall. 

Stop back next week and I'll be sharing a unique, thinking outside the wreath, idea for a fall front door.  Can't wait for you to see it!

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Again, thanks for stopping by! 

Rocky Mountain High................... COLORADO!

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