Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall front door decor

I love decorating my front door for each season.  I think it tells the guest what they can expect inside.  While I have done the traditional wreath in the past this fall I decided to 'think inside the box' literally... inside the box.

This was really easy to do. 

Step 1 - get a box or make a box - I got mine at the At Home store on sale as it is a summer box

Step 2 - put filler in your box.  I used straw and pinecones

Step 3 - stuff fall picks and flowers in between the pinecones - I bought my picks on sale at Hobby Lobby and the flowers are from the dollar store...yep dollar store.  I bought 3 sets, 2 are the same and the third set I cut the stems off the bunch and placed them in individually

Step 4 get a ribbon, tie it around your box handles then hang your box!


If you don't have a box with handles you could drill holes in the back or sides and loop the ribbon through. 

1.  It would be cute if you painted your box and put your house numbers on the front... I may still do that.
2.  Your box could be hung by an end, but if you do that I'd glue your items into it otherwise they may fall out easily. 

It looks great on my front porch and is a welcome for all my guests who come to visit in September!

Thanks for stopping by.  I truly appreciate it. 
Next week I'll be sharing some of my thoughts for Halloween decorating.  I'm also participating in a Halloween Instagram Swap!  I can't wait until my new friend gets her box and I'm excited to see what she got me to help me decorate for Halloween!  More details on that to come!!

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Again, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you try the box for your front door and I'd love to see how everyone decorates their doors for September. 


PS - did I share how big my Dahlia's are this year?  CRAZY!  They are blooming late this year for some reason but they are crazy big.  I LOVE this one because it looks like velvet and it is standing over 5 feet tall!  I've never had one grow this tall before.  The rest are pink, purple, orange and yellow and aren't this tall nor do they look like velvet. 



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