Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas dinner

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few days away and the New Year is just around the corner?
Where has the year gone? 

Today I want to share my dinning table all set for an intimate Christmas dinner for four.

Let's start with the basic table without china. 

 A blue tablecloth and a brown runner with lanterns and mercury glass candles running down its length. 
The tablecloth and runner I got at Wal-Mart and I had both from last year.  The lanterns I got a Kirkland's.  The mercury glass candle holders I've had for years, if you can't find any you can make them but any glass candle holder will do. 

Next I added my china, it is Lenox, Chesapeake.

I've set it more formal and put the napkin under the soup bowl.  This is a great way to show off a napkin that has a fancy embroidery or monogram on it.

The night setting with the lights off and the candles lit is spectacular and if set for two, very romantic.
On another note, I came home from work today to find this in my basement....

A ripped up bathroom floor and a toilet in my family room.... lovey Christmas is what, 2 days away!  So here is the funny thing, my husband is off this week and next and was looking for a project.  We've been talking about painting and putting down a new floor and just doing a minor re-vamp of this small bathroom. We had colors picked out as the flooring but I didn't expect him to do it with just days till Christmas!  He says he wanted to surprise me... well he did!  I did buy a new shower curtain for the shower stall and a new bath rug and some hand towels that match the bird in the shower curtain.  I came home to no floor - SUPRISE!
I hope he gets this done in two days, I mean paint, flooring and a new toilet how long can that take?  Wish me luck! 

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress on this little bathroom. 

I am off next week so I won't be back blogging until after the new year, so....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I'll see everyone in 2015! 
Until then, be safe.

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