Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Vignettes

Decorating is about many things, it is about what you love, what fits into your lifestyle and it is about telling a story of who you and your family are through vignettes. 

This year I am telling my story of what I love about Christmas on my buffet, side table and coffee table. 

Here is my coffee table this year.  Yes, more deer. 

I got the reindeer at Target, with my 'cartwheel' app it was $10.00.  The large tray I got sometime last year at Hobby Lobby.  The silver orb is also from Target last year on sale for $5.00.  I've used it in my outdoor d├ęcor and now I've brought it inside for the winter.  The glass cloche is from Kirkland's.  The silver and blue ornaments I had on hand and the Yankee Candle is last years as well. 
Remember that layering is the key for a successful display.  

I got this new little pillow at Kirkland's this year also. 

My couch side table has another cute little display.  A candy holding Santa, a toy stop watch, a mercury glass candle holder with a shade and a subway tile art piece that has one of my favorite Christmas saying on it. 

Finally my buffet is done.  Again this year I poured some Epson Salts into large glass containers and made little winter wonderlands with small houses and Christmas garden trees.  They even light up!
I got some sheet music and placed it in the back of one for a special effect.  This type of display is super easy to do and it looks like you took a lot of time and effort!  So sweet.

I added some pine cones and to finish the buffet off, I placed my galvanized square basket in the middle, filled it with another orb and some greenery.

Gotta love the pots and pans hanging in the kitchen! 
So far I am liking it and that is what decorating is all about.  For me you need to try something, live with it for a few days, if you don't like it, change it! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Next Tuesday I'll be back sharing my dinning table all decorated for Christmas dinner; until then, BE SAFE!

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