Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas tour

We finally got our Christmas tree up! 

It is faux, 9 feet tall and really fat; a quite jolly old elf of a tree!  I like it because other than it being perfect you really would think it is real.  It even has some elf or angel shelves. 

It takes a bit to get the tree up.  We have to get the huge box out of the attic then drag the box into the house, re-arrange furniture then get it up and decorated.  It takes about 40 strands of lights and no we don't do it like you are supposed to; wrapping each branch.  We start in the center of the tree and wrap around it, inside to the outside. 
This year we bought these star or urchin shaped lights.  They blink and change color.

Then we put up the ornaments.   I don't use the traditional silver, gold, or red and green for my Christmas tree.  My tree is blue, white, silver, lime green and orange.  I also don't have a lot of round ball ornaments, instead I have dragonflies
 And lots of birds

Deer, a lot of deer... I love deer.

Finally snowflakes.  I got these at the dollar store, some are blue and some are clear.

This year I didn't put up garland or ribbon or any kind of extra adornment but I love the overall look.
I'd like to share our outside decorations.  We don't have lights blinking to music, we are move old school.  My husband does this as a ode to his Grandfather who loved Christmas and at 80 would decorate every inch of his house.  In other words we could put the Griswold's to shame.  I swear you can see it from space.  All LED lights so we don't use too much power. 

Pretty cool huh.  I love the wreath.
Once you get to the front door I have a blue and white wreath on the storm door and a Santa picture on the main front door.  The Santa peeks through the wreath.

Right inside the front door I have a galvanized bucket that I put logs in.  For Thanksgiving I put some faux fall garland in with the logs and for Christmas I put in some faux greenery.  I also bought two light up twigs the effect if amazing.

When you decorate, don't forget the back of you front door.  You see it more than the front so why not make it pretty too! I made this wreath last year.
It is a dollar store wreath with 2 white boa's wrapped around it.  Hung with a simple brown ribbon. 
Then there is my mantle.  I still love it. 
If you missed what these globes are you can check out Tuesday's blog... you'll be amazed! 
I hope you like what you've seen so far.  Next week I'll share my kitchen and dinning room.  Until then, be safe!
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