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Guest Blog! Decorating your bedroom

I am pleased to be hosting a guest blog today! 
Alice from Yorkshire Linens is stopping by to give us ideas for decorating our bedrooms.  

Hi I am Alice- a girl with a unique addiction of doing home decor. I am a classic example of someone who has a deep passion for something and interior decorating & home decor is certainly my drug.
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Load Your Bedroom with Colour This Summer
Colourful bedrooms are currently in vogue and that is great news for
 people who want a cosy, comfortable bedroom! All white or very toned
down, neutral bedrooms can be striking, but they also tend to be cold
and clinical, which it not a great thing in a room in which warmth is
desirable. Apart from visually filling up the room, colours can add
depth and interest to a décor scheme by adding not only warmth but
texture too.

An Embarrassment of Richness!
For a truly sumptuous looking bedroom pick out a décor scheme that oozes
 opulence and indulgence. A great way to do this is to use colours that
fill the room with deep colours and an almost oily metallic sheen. A
good example of this would be a colour combination of crimson, royal
blue and gold. Experiment with paint and pens until you have a colour
scheme that speaks to you personally, and then begin to plan out the
décor in more detail. 

Pretty Patches
Patchwork is instantly comforting and familiar, calling to mind
nostalgia for loving family members, childhood comfort and the
delightful security that we only seem to feel when we are very young.
Invest in a patchwork quilt for your beds and see how your room will be
transformed into a haven of cosy bliss, positively inviting you to lie
down and take a nap! Exotic vintage patch work can be done from the Cotton Patch...

Spring into Summer
Give your bedroom a seasonal makeover by fitting it out with colourful
floral prints. There are so many fabulous fabrics available on the
market these days that you are sure to find a great floral pattern that
suits your tastes, preferences and even bedroom colour scheme. Opt for
light summery colours like hot pink, electric blue, vibrant orange and
sunshine yellow to give your bedroom a fantastic boost.

Weird but Wonderful bedspreads
Do not be afraid to try out some unusual colour combinations, such as
turquoise and chocolate! It sounds very different and you may think that
 the room will look ugly but, in fact, it works effectively and looks
fantastic and feminine, making it a great alternative to the tedious
pink prettiness that is forced on girls and women, even in these
supposedly more enlightened times! Other great colours to consider
include warm orange, petrol blue, bottle green and even silver grey. A handful of colour combinations of bedspreads is available at

Back to Basics
Keep your bedroom décor easy with a plain or neutral-coloured base so
that you can alter the colours by simply changing the bedding and
perhaps the curtains. In this way your white, black and red décor can be
 switched to white, blue and yellow without too much effort, expense or
time – a fantastic way to quickly refresh your bedroom.

Do Not Panic!
If the thought of a colourful bedroom makes you cringe, and you feel
that you will not enjoy living and sleeping in a cheerful and
over-bright bedroom, set your mind at ease! Your colourful bedroom does
not have to be garish in any way. If lemon yellow is too lively for your
 taste, then perhaps opt for a demure mustard yellow, or, if you are
feeling daring, choose gold-coloured fabric to give the bedroom a rich
sheen. Similarly if red is too angry and bright, then pick dusky pink or
 pale clear rose instead. Almost every bright shade can be substituted
with a more muted, but still colourful shade, enabling you to add
exactly the right amount of colour to your bedroom.

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