Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer craft

I have been quiet for a bit, sorry about that.  We had excitement in our household last week, my oldest daughter graduated from college with 2, yep count em' 2 degree's!  The first in phycology and the second in sociology.  I am one proud Mamma!  Now on to Grad school etc... she is one smart and beautiful girl. 

I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mothers Day.  This is what the weather was like for me on Sunday...

Yes no fooling that is snow in my garden.  It snowed all day Sunday and off and on all day today.  It is May isn't it?  Here in Colorado we really don't have spring only summer, fall and winter... but the view is beautiful - ah trade offs. 

My poor flowers! 

In defiance today I'm going to show you an easy craft that you can do in less than 5 minutes.  The possibilities are endless. 

You will need:
Heavy Duty glue - I used E6000
Faux or real sea shells
A canvas or a shadowbox or a deep picture frame - size of your choice (I used a flat canvas I purchased at Michael's). 

Step 1 - Pre-arrange your shells on your surface - once you like the arrangement
Step 2 - Glue them down
Step 3 - Display! 

See less than 5 minutes!

Instead of shells you could use small rocks (am I the only one who collects rocks?).  You could use driftwood, faux animals (buy a bag of plastic animals at the dollar store - paint them any colors you like and glue them on!). 
You could also glue a piece of craft or scrapbook paper down on the canvas or inside the picture frame first and glue the items onto it for more contrast. 
Let your imagination run wild!
As my summer decorating revolves around the ocean I used sea shells, (in reality I always have seashells out and in my decorating even at Christmas). 

Let me know if you try this I'd love to see your results! 
I'll be back on Thursday  - I've got to turn this...

Into something wonderful on a shoestring budget in 2 weeks for a graduation party - that is if it EVER stops snowing!  Wish me luck - I REALLY need it! 


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