Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Party Time

We had a couple celebrations in our house this month.  I have 2 daughters that have graduated!  One from college and one from high school.  I am one proud Mom! 

Now we are having a party! 

Since we have two different schools I had the girls choose any colors BUT their school colors.  So we will have mint, blue, white, black and green. 

As I sat down with the girls to plan this party out, they actually wanted to keep things very simple, cake, balloons, bonfire, burgers, hot dogs and yard games.  We already have a trampoline and disc golf so we begged and borrowed Bocce Ball, Croquet, Ladder Ball and Corn Hole.  I almost bought a washer game, where you throw the weighted washer into a box that is set up like Ski Ball.  I didn't get it as the girls weren't with me and I wanted their input.  Next we discussed decorations.  I got the whatever you come up with Mom will be awesome response.  Now the pressure is really on! 

This is what I was thinking....

A candy station - different colors though

Pretty cool huh! 

As our fireplace wall is against our porch, I was thinking of something like this....

I also want to have a fruit bar, this one is spectacular!
These lights are crazy simple.  I thought of doing this and putting them in one of my large backyard trees.  

 I love this centerpiece idea - maybe do it with beans, spray paint them and instead of lollypops just flowers? 
I also thought about how to decorate the front yard.  Just balloons?  Then I thought of paper lanterns and some grapevine wrapped around the mailbox along with balloons.  I'll let you know how that comes out. 

I'll be sharing how this idea board comes to fruition next week. 
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I'll be back on Tuesday with all the details on the party. 

Be safe!

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