Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back porch

If you missed Tuesday's post then you missed what happened here on Sunday.  Yes it was Mother's Day but it also...

Yes it is May.  We ended up with over 6 inches!  My poor flowers that were just starting to bloom and sprout. 
I saw a thing on FB that said... 'What a lovely winter we are having this spring don't you think?' that really does epitomize our weather lately.  Now I understand that I live in COLORADO and that we really don't ever have a true spring like the East Coast but hey it is MAY! 

OK I'm done with my little rant.  Onto the problem at hand, other than the snow. 

My back porch.

This is what it currently looks like, wood, snow and all.  It is really great though, it is covered and large, large enough for an 8 person hot tub and a round table and still have enough room for seating.

OK so I must get this in order by next Friday!  I have 30 people coming over for a graduation party and it just can't look like this! 

First I thought I'd paint the round table.  It was my husbands Great-Grandmothers.  I also thought I spray paint the plastic chairs - now I have to pick a color!  As you can see I've been letting the spouse choose some colors, either that or I'm in a real blue period! 

I need to make this place look decent in a week on a shoestring (like $60.00) budget.  I could spend that much on plants and that can't happen. 
The hubby suggested we spend the money on food for the graduation, while that is important I think the porch MUST look nice at least!  I mean how much can hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and such cost? 

The problem is that this is my taste and what I'd like for the back porch.

This is from 'Young House Love' - they get it! I just love these chairs!
Young House Love | Let’s Take It Outside | cute chairs

From Apartment Therapy...isn't the chandelier amazing!
Rustic covered outdoor dining space: simple table and lights add to the cozy feel of this space
This next link was bad.. grrr but I do like the space.
Outdoor Living
This is from the 'White Buffalo Styling Co' and 'The Hunted Interior'
I do like the rustic mixed with the modern.  The floor here is amazing!

This final one is from 'Posh home'
al fresco dining
We will have to see where I end up but it will be interesting! 

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Have a great weekend!  It is supposed to be nice here by Saturday 72!  I'll take it. 
Be safe everyone.


  1. I hope you got your porch ready and have a GREAT party!!!! If I were close I would have come to help you!!!!

  2. I like those same chairs you like and I need to get things put together also, it was 38 here this am however no snow like you got
    more south had frost in Missouri