Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stairways and buffets and kitchens OH MY!

After the holiday's and the start of the new year seems to be a time for everyone to take stock of their lives both personally and professionally.  This is why I think we make resolutions. 

I don't like New Years resolutions, I don't make them because I don't normally keep them.  What I do make is goals for the year, things I'd like to try to accomplish.  I also sometimes pick a word to try to live by for the year.  This year a goal I have is to eat cleaner.  Eating whole foods is just good for you, cutting out all those additives and preservatives is smart.  My word for the year is 'act'.  I need to act on things I want to do and not wait till tomorrow.  Act today! 

I also walked around my house and took stock of things I want to accomplish this year.  I chose larger projects as well as smaller ones.  I then prioritized them based off what is affordable, what is the biggest bang for my small dollars and what will make the biggest impact design wise. 

One of the first things I'd like to tackle is my basement stairway.  Not that anything is wrong with it, it is just blah. 
It also might be nice if I could finish painting!  See that spot on the ceiling there!  

I thought about painting but then I'll have to paint the entry as well... so I looked at my entry.  Yeah boring.

So for my stairway I was thinking of something like this...
For my entry I need to get a new table.  Here are some ideas I've been looking at.

Next I want to work on my buffet.  It is old, over 100 years old and a family heirloom.  I want to cut off the legs and put the buffet in my basement family room as a TV stand and electronics storage.  It won't get moved around down there and will be safer.  I am thinking of painting it white then sanding it a bit.
The poor old buffet with its leg taped!

Another area I'd like to concentrate on is the kitchen. 
My kitchen is small, really small.  I painted the cabinets white years ago in the hopes of making the room look bigger.  To me the white just looks dirty all the time. 

I was thinking dark gray on the bottom and a blue/gray on the uppers.  This is my inspiration right now.
I just love that room.  Sarah Richardson is the designer.  She is amazing!
I'd also like to tackle some organization tasks.  My craft closet and still on the list, my hall closet.  Maybe this year I'll get to it!

Not many bloggers would show you the inside of a messy closet!  I just need to figure out how to organize it in a way that we can keep it organized and neat! 

What do you want to work on in your house this year?  I'd love to hear about your wish list! 

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