Friday, January 3, 2014

Cleaning your oven door

I always wonder how food and grease get caught in between the oven door.  I mean think about it, the door is 'supposedly' sealed and insulated yet grease and gunk is in there!  I've read online about using a baking soda paste to clean the glass and the door but for me that really didn't work.  I just use a glass cleaner to clean the inside glass and outside but that doesn't clean the inside.

I was cleaning my kitchen as I always do because I have white cabinets and countertops.  An experiment to make my small kitchen look bigger.  To me it just looks dirty all the time.  To change this is on my list of goals or wants for 2014. 

So, I mentioned this to my husband while cleaning and he said, "Well you know the door comes apart right?"  This is why I love him and one of the reasons we've been married 25 years!  He is up to do or try anything.  If I say, "Hey let's go and camp here...." He's like "OK!"  If I say, "Lets remove this wall between the kitchen and dinning room."  He goes over and knocks on the wall then gets a sledge hammer and puts a hole in the wall!  Unfortunately that particular wall was load bearing... oops! 

OK back to the oven door.  The glass in between on mine was yucky and I couldn't figure how to clean it let alone how dirt got in there! 

So here we go taking apart the oven door.  I did find out that all of them come off the oven itself and they all come apart, you just need the right tools.  Check your oven door and see what kind of screw driver you need, you may need a special one but luckily for us we just need the 'star' or Phillips head screw driver and a straight or flat head screw driver.
Our door was really dirty no matter how many times I cleaned the oven..

 So we took off the door and unscrewed the screws

And the door came apart! 

I told you it was dirty!  And dog hair!  How the heck did dog hair let alone all this other mess get in there?  In BETWEEN the door?  YUCK.   I mean I cook in this thing! 

Mine had 2 sets of glass, inner and outer.  So we took off the glass.  To do this we used a flat head screw driver.    
Then we got to cleaning the door and glass.  My husband washed both sides of the glass with dish soap then used glass cleaner on the glass while I cleaned the door itself with Easy Off oven cleaner, Lysol Kitchen cleaner and a Magic Eraser.  

Then it was a matter of putting it all back together!  

There was some dark marks on the top rim that holds the door together that I couldn't get off no matter how hard I scrubbed.  I think this is actually burn marks from cleaning the oven!  But, it looks GREAT!  It only took 15-20 minutes to take apart the door, clean it and put it back together.  Not too long and it was worth it... the thing looks brand new now and shines!  I am a happy girl.


So now you can clean in between your own oven door.  Let me know if you do this and how it goes!  If you need help, just reach out to me, I'm an 'expert' now! 
Have a GREAT weekend.  I am on the hunt for an entry table this weekend still.... wish me luck!

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