Friday, September 6, 2013

Nails, front door and weekends OH MY!

I hope everyone had a great short work week.  Mine was simply lovely.
Now that it is September it seems the weather has decided it is July here in Colorado.  August was cold and rainy and now September, at least this first week is hot and dry!  I guess I am just so excited about fall that I want the weather to suddenly turn cold on the first day of September.  I don't know about you but I can't wait to pull out all my jackets and sweaters and start wearing them.  I love the layered look and this is one of the things that I love about fall!  I am sooo excited!

Anyone who works with me or sees me on a regular basis knows that I love to experiment with my nails.  I've had them every color you can think of and even temperature changing colors.  This month, I've got a party on my hands...
The best thing, they glow in the dark!  YEP! GLOW!  They glow bright white and it is sooo cool.  I just love them.  Next month for October I am thinking Orange glow in the dark... wait and see!

I am really excited for fall and this weekend I plan to decorate. I also really need to clean my floors, having a husky in the house with hardwood floors is hard, they show all the dog hair all the time.  He is suddenly shedding again with this warm weather and my floors are covered with dog hair bunnies.  But I also need to organize my hall closet, what a mess.

It seems that things just get dumped in here, sewing machine and basket, shoes, roller blades, seat cushions, school art project leftovers etc.  I did try to organize it once.  I got everyones hats, gloves and winter scarves in bins but it is still unorganized and a mess.
And I don't know what these things are, they have been on the back of the closet door since we moved in... the prior owners attempt at organizing?  I don't know as the hook is way to small to actually hang anything on!
I'll let you know my progress on this closet, I will eventually get to it!

With fall here I am looking forward to putting out all my scarecrows.  Yep I don't have gnomes I have scarecrows!  Don't know why I just think they are cool.  I also get to re-decorate the front of the house.  This is what my front looks like during the summer.
You can't really see it very well but I've got several (4) planters filled with flowering plants and a large basket of fake flowers hanging from my front door.  I don't do fake flowers except for the front door and the little wrought iron planter hung by the front door, better for the elements and wind here in Colorado!
I just love the way this basket looks.  I will fill it with fall flowers and colors for September, remove it and decorate for Halloween in October and then put it all back out in November, though I may change to door up for Thanksgiving.  I know it is a lot of work but it is relaxing for me and I enjoy doing it.

I decorate for every season and for every holiday.  I started doing it for the kids when they were little and found out that I like the idea of changing things up.  I re-arrange the furniture inside all the time but I can't re-arrange the outside much so I decorate it.  These flowers above are the spring/summer flowers.  I've got different ones for fall and winter.  For Memorial Day and 4th of July I've got metal flags that I put out, for Labor Day it stays like this, Halloween - well I go all out, almost like Christmas with lights and a graveyard with spooky sounds, eyes in the bushes, fog - just wait!  For Thanksgiving I've got some 'I'm Thankful' wooden things and a wreath I made.  For Christmas, well if you know me and my hubby we've got a lot for Christmas!  Valentines Day I've got a heart wreath and some 'Love' stuff that goes on the door and outside.  For Easter, well it is almost like Halloween and Christmas with an egg tree, bunnies that really multiply in our yard and spring flowers in the basket or in another holder that I got from Southern Living.  You will get to see it all.  I hope you get ideas for decorating your own yard/door/house for the holidays!

I am also going to start Christmas crafting.  I've got an idea on making one of those sunburst mirrors for my master bathroom I just need shims, a small mirror and some glue!  I've also got an idea for making wooden trays that you can serve food on, I need a board that is at least 2 inches thick so I'm off to Home Depot and Lowe's to see what I can find.  Then there's the wine charms, an easy peasy craft for anyone who likes wine. All of that is to come so stay tuned!
What are you doing this weekend?  As always I welcome comments and suggestions, just leave a message on my facebook page - dragonfliesandthistles - and I will respond!
Have a great weekend!

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