Friday, September 27, 2013

Mirror Craft

I have seen these mirrors all over the place, store after store I see these mirrors.  What I'm talking about is a round mirror in the middle with a sunburst affect coming off it or other mirrors.  I know everyone has seen them.
I pick them up and look at them and go, GOSH $45.00!  or more.... these suckers are EXPENSIVE!

I decided to make one.  Easy Peasy.

At Joann Fabrics I found a cheap mirror in the bridal section along with 2 bags of smaller mirrors.  I got a bag of bigger mirror and a bag of quarter size mirrors.  There are 50 in each bag.  I also bought some craft sticks.  There were 150 in the bag.

I used the spray paint from the pumpkin project and painted the sticks.

Then I glued the small mirrors to the ends using hot glue.  Now you could glue them anywhere on the stick you wanted.  The look I wanted for the mirror was the mirrors on the ends.

Since I only painted one side of the sticks I had to make sure I was gluing the mirrors to the right side of the sticks.  Next, if you are using a hot glue gun, you have to clean off the trails of glue from everything.
I let these dry an hour to make sure they were good and glued.
I next sorted the larger mirrors from the smaller ones and put them in a pile.

Next I turned my large center mirror over and started arranging the mirrored sticks onto the back of the larger mirror.
Then I glued each stick down individually.  I let that dry another hour and then used a plate hanger to hang it in my master bathroom.  EASY PEASY!  A bit time consuming but it only cost about $10.00 including the glue sticks.  Much cheaper and the effect is the same!

Will you give this a try?  You can make any pattern you want!  Let me know if you've tried a craft lately.  Have a great weekend!

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