Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Decor,, part 1

So my goals for the past weekend were to organize that ugly hall closet, try to de-crapify my dinning room server, fix it's broken leg, complete a mirror craft, clean and set up the fall decor.  Very ambitious but with the hubby out of town for the weekend I thought I could accomplish most if not all of this list.  Yeah, not so much!
I did manage to take down the outdoor summer decor and put up the fall.

I bought 2 pots of mum's one orange and one red/rust colored from Walmart for $3.99 each.  The other things I had, several fall garlands that I bought last year on sale (50-75% off!) and some fall flowers that I bought on sale and some wreathes that I made.  I use fake flowers outside as here in Colorado it gets windy and heck, it could snow tomorrow!  Fake just holds up better outside here.
This is round 1, I put it all up, stand back and look at it then let it go for a couple of days, see how I like it.  I may change it, I may not.  It is only up for a couple of weeks, then I'll take it down for Halloween and do something else for November.  Overall it only took me an hour and a half to clean the sidewalk, get the stuff down from the attic and put it all up, move it around and finally settle on this arrangement.
One down on the list, lots to go!
I walked by my hallway closet but didn't touch it.  I did go through some of my winter clothes and threw away things that were too big.  I love that feeling.  Yes, I know, that wasn't on my list but oh well....
My fix for my broken server leg, is black electrical tape - nice huh!
This is what my server looks like during the spring/summer.
I'm originally from the east coast, Mid-Atlantic region, Baltimore to be exact and spent many summers at the beach.  I have lots of shells that I've collected over the years and even this coral piece I collected when my Uncle took me diving once.  Don't worry it was broken when I picked it up.
For Fall I've done this with the server.
The burlap was $3.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby.  The lamp is $19.99 from Target, it is sitting on some books, hidden by the burlap.  All the other things I've collected at Hobby Lobby over the years EXCEPT the silver pumpkins.  Do you know how much they cost?  $12.99 and up at Hobby Lobby.  I bought these two at Walmart for $4.89 each.  I chose two different sizes, the one is tall and thin the other is short and squatly.  I then bought silver spray paint at ACE Hardware, their brand, for $4.99 for the can.  I spray painted the two orange pumpkins -
I was also able to spray paint sticks for another project and I still have half a can leftover!
Next came the fireplace mantle.  I find mantles difficult to decorate, you can easily end up with little soldiers just one after the other standing there looking at you them very boring.  Mine gives me double trouble because it is dark and big.  This is what I came up with this past spring.  I collect old camera's and decided to display them with some of my own pictures.
Interesting because it keeps your eye moving.  Currently for fall I've done this...
Yeah, I like it ok but it is kinda boring so far, I think it needs something I just don't know what yet .  I may change it, I may not.  I'll take you through how I did this step by step later this week.
I did clean with each step and I placed candles all around, pumpkin spice and fall leaves.  The house smells wonderful.  I really like the fall, the days get cooler and shorter.  I add extra table lamps around the house and along with the candles the glow creates a different ambiance than in the summer.  Just very warm and inviting.
The closet is still a mess but the rest of my house looks and smells awesome.  How about you? How do you or do you decorate for the fall?  Share on my facebook page - dragonfliesandthistles

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