Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Easiest and Best Chicken you will ever eat!

I told you that this blog was going to be about anything and everything.  Today I want to tell you about a chicken recipe that is my favorite.  

I work 9 1/2 hour days and by the time I get home I am in no mood to cook a big dinner.  And if I don't have a plan we do the "I don't know what do you want for dinner?"  or the, "I don't care whatever you cook." answer.  I like using a crock pot all year long.  It is a great helper for easy cooking.  I make everything in mine from soup to bread!

I forget exactly where I came across this recipe but after trying it once the entire family fell in love and now I make it at least 3 times a month.  It is delicious and easy.

You need a couple of things to make the chicken.

1 whole chicken (I buy them at SAMS 2 for $9.00 or there about).
Any kind of seasoning you want - I switch up the seasonings each time I make the chicken.
Pam or a non stick spray
Crock Pot
Really this is all you need.

This time I used Tuscan Sunset seasoning.  
Now for the directions.  
  1. Spray your crock pot, plug it in and put it on low. 
  2. Clean the chicken well (sometimes whole chickens will have a bag inside with gizzards, livers etc).  I throw that bag away but if you like you can dump those yucky insides in with the chicken.
  3. You can put salt and pepper on the chicken but I don't, that way everyone can put their own salt and pepper on their own servings.  
  4. Season your chicken.  I've done several seasonings and even cooked the chicken with an apple stuffed inside the cavity.  Your choice here, play, experiment and have fun! 
  5. Now put the chicken (boobies down) in the crock pot.  Close the lid.  Yep NO LIQUID TRUST ME! 
  6. Turn the crock pot on low and walk away, you can do it, walk away!  TRUST ME
  7. Cook time is at least 6 hours on low.

Now I will tell you when it is done after the 6 hours the chicken isn't going to be one of those you put on a platter and show off.  It is U G L Y but tender and juicy.  It will fall apart when you try to take it out of the crock pot.  I use big turkey tongs and it still falls apart so have a platter or something right next to crock pot to dump the chicken on.  You can use the juices that the chicken naturally made to make a gravy.  I first pour the juices into a gravy separator (it separates the fat and juices).  I then add that to a small pot with water, a dry packet of chicken gravy and some wondra all mixed together.  I usually serve the chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans, that is what my family likes the most.  I've done baked potatoes as well and just thrown the juices away.  

See, it isn't a pretty chicken when it is done but it's TASTY!
I tell you, this is the most juicy, moist, delicious and easiest chicken I have ever made!  With the left-overs (if there is any) I make several things.  My hubby likes open faced hot chicken sandwiches the best but I like to buy a jar Alfredo and boil some noodles or make rice with some cream of chicken soup or make a peanut sauce and put with the chicken.  You will want to use the left-overs, this chicken is crazy good and you just won't want to let any of it go to waste.  

Try it and tell me how you liked it!  I can't wait to hear.  

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