Monday, August 26, 2013

The Apple Core, one of my favorite things

Do you know what an apple core is?  Not the kind you eat.  This apple core is one you use to harness all the cords in your life .  They come all sizes for all types of cords.  I use a larger one on my computer cord a smaller one on my cell phone cord and a really small one for my IPOD/Kindle cords.
They are shaped like an apple core with a slit on each end to wind your cord through, wrap it around the middle and back out the other end.  They are made of rubber and I just love them.  Like I said I use them for computer cords, cell phone cords, IPOD cords and Kindle cords.  They aren't that expensive and I found mine at Batteries Plus.

Here one is in use.  I really like them, they really work to contain all those long cords!  By the way, do you like my nails?  It's like a party on my hands AND they glow in the dark!  BONUS

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