Monday, April 25, 2016

Springtime garden

Snow... it happens and it happens in Colorado a lot and throughout the spring.  Springtime for most means warmer weather and rain while here in the Rocky Mountains it means 70 degree days followed by 18+ inches of snow the next day! 

Last week we had about 4 inches of snow and it and the 18+ we got the weekend before has finally melted under the Colorado sunshine.  I am confident enough that it won't snow again (April is our snowiest month) that I've re-redecorated my front for spring. 


 I want to re-paint my shutters and door.  I just think they are a bit too baby blue but they do stand out well against the battleship gray of the house so we'll see. But painting shutters and or your door is an easy and pretty cheap way of updating your homes look. 
I've thought about painting the brick but just like my fireplace I am cautious, oh heck, terrified!  I think the brick works for now and I like it with the colors I've got on the house. 

Last fall I bought an old screen for $5.00 at an antique store.  This spring I've brought it outside and hung one of the 3 boxwood wreathes I made last year on it.  In front I put a galvanized box filled with wood and pinecones.  Sometimes I put lights in this box for a sparkly effect.  I put this all under my metal star. 

I love lilacs... those, tulips and peonies are my favorite flowers.  I filled a metal container full of faux lilacs this year.
The look pretty real to me! 
Though my neighbors white lilac bush has lots of blooms on it this year.  She lets me cut them so I can't wait till mid May when they should be in full bloom!!!

I have a large purple bush in my backyard but this one is farther along than mine for whatever reason. 

Speaking of my backyard... my tulips made it through the snow!
So did my bleeding heart - and look it is blooming!
Whoo hoo!  I always worry about this little guy but he's hanging in there!

I don't know what kind of bulb these are but they get big purple balls on them when they bloom.
They end up about 2 feet or more tall... they seem to be good to go as well. 

Even my peony fared the 18 inches of snow well.
AND... don't know if you can see it but I got really excited to see my hydrangea coming up! They are so sensitive.  I was worried.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to the Castle Rock Antique Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  Over 600 vendors will be there and I'm super excited.  I am on the lookout for some old camera's and equipment as well as any unique stools or lights.  I'll be taking photo's and sharing on Instagram this weekend so follow me there!!! @Vicdenni on Instagram. 

What does your spring garden look like where you live?  Do you have a lot or a few plants blooming now?  I'd really love to see. 
Have a great week, thanks for reading. 

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