Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Go-to decorating tool

Someone on Instagram asked me what I use as my 'go-to' decorating tool. 

It took me 2 seconds to respond with "lanterns."  I love lanterns and they can be so versatile to use in decorating.  So I went around my house and looked at my lanterns so I could take pictures for this post. 

I didn't find a single, not even one lantern that I've got out to use as an example.  Hmmm....

So I thought, "Okay I love candles."  Candles that's the correct answer.  Nope only 2 candles currently being used in my spring decorating.  Okay...

Flowers.. I do like flowers and I know, KNOW I use flowers in all my decorating during all the seasons.  Be it faux or fresh I use flowers all the time.  Now I've talked about using flowers several times and are flowers really a decorating tool?  NO they are an accessory so I've got to find something I use as a tool. 

So I thought books!  I know I use books to decorate with.  Books are very versatile as risers.  I know I use books.... yeah NO.  I could only find 1... ONE book that I'm currently using.
ONE.  But hey it is a cute old book that I painted white and stamped with a script stamp.  AND don't you just LOVE the dragonfly! 
It is a Christmas tree ornament I got at Big Lot's 2 years ago... LOVE. 

SOOOOOO - decorating tool.. I can do this!  My husband tried to help he said, 'How about pictures? One's we've take on our adventures.  Are pictures a tool?  Yeah they cover the walls but this isn't what I was looking for. 

My search continued through my small house to see if there is anything that stands out... I use a lot of metals....

And orbs can be a tool but that isn't what I was asked.... again - accessory not a tool! 
I walked around my living/dining/kitchen and found that I use a lot of trays and cake stands a lot. 
In my kitchen to hold sugar and creamers....

Also in the kitchen to hold fresh fruit.

 On my dinning room table.

I got the tray on my dinning table at Target.  I filled it with a seashell, (you'll always find seashells in my decorating as I'm originally from Maryland), a candle and other items... including faux flowers in a beer growler... yep that is how classy we are here.. a beer growler but isn't it CUTE! 
Just remember to think of a tray as a decorating surface like a table.  Keep things in 3's and vary the heights to keep the eye moving.  Things don't necessarily have to relate to one another - I've only got 3 things that relate in the above picture - the ornamental finial thing, the bird and the Fleur de Lis.  You'll also notice a small church thing in the vase with the faux flowers and the roof is in the same color pallet as the finial, bird and Fleur de Lis.  You could fill a tray with seashells in glass jars with sand, you could have 3 candlesticks of different heights on your tray.  Just keep things in 3's it seems to work best and vary the height to keep the eye moving on the surface. 

Speaking of pretty...
I added these dragonflies to my table to relate to the green tea light holders.  Yes these are also Christmas ornaments!  So think outside the box when decorating your table. 
I also use cake stands as risers. 
This one really isn't a cake stand but a garden riser but hey...
 This cake stand is from Southern Living at Home. 
 This cake stand I got at Home Goods. 

Cake stands or other kinds of stands are very versatile to help raise an item higher than another or spotlight an item.  The above teapot and cake stand are in my kitchen.  The cake stand highlights the pretty antique teapot. 

So whew!  I found some things that I use as decorating tools!  I was sweating a bit there! 
What tool or item do you use in your decorating?  I'd love to see and hear about them. 

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