Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Status update

Just thought I'd let you know my status....

You may or may not know that last summer I fractured several bones in my foot on a hike in the mountains.  I was in the lovely boot for 8 weeks total and now I've got other foot issues.  Why is it that when your feet hurt you just feel bad all over? 
What has happened is that I've put pressures on my right foot (not broken) due to the boot on the left and now I've got planter fasciitis in that right foot. In other words, I've pulled the muscle in the foot where the Achilles ends in the heel.  The planter fascia supports your arch.  It doesn't hurt until I start walking then my heel starts to throb.  Not too much can be done other than wear orthotics in my shoes (I love, LOVE, LOVE shoes and this just won't fly... OH and NO HEELS!).  So a cortisone shot in the heel of that foot was well lets just say not pleasant. 

NOW, On the left foot that had the fractures, I've now got a Morten's Neuroma AND I've got it in a place where it isn't supposed to be...lucky me. 

Normally the neuroma is between the 3rd and 4th toes but not mine.... I've got mine between the 2nd and 3rd toes.  Think of a neuroma as a damaged nerve that is now swollen and really pushing the bones of the toes away from one another.  The Dr. told me that this is unheard of between the 2dn and 3rd toes...luck me I am an anomaly.  So much so that he asked if the entire practice of 12 Doctors and all the PA's and other nurses and assistants could come in.  The  entire practice crammed into this little exam room to review the X-Rays, Ultra Sound and MRI results.  Just like a picnic!  The best part was ANOTHER cortisone shot in the ball of that foot and then if that wasn't enough a steroid shot in the top of the foot where the neuroma is to try to shrink it.  Let's just say it hurt even with the cold spray to numb my foot.  I didn't know how I was going to put on shoes and walk out of the office with all these shots in my feet but I did. 

So what does all of this mean?  I am off my feet a lot and no heels; did I tell you that I like cute shoes and live in heels? 

So I haven't gotten out to buy things to make a wreath for my front door for Easter yet.  Sorry..... I hope to be able to get out this weekend and actually walk, I go back to the Dr. on Thursday, fingers crossed! 

In the meantime I have joined INSTAGRAM!  whoop woot! 
You can follow me I'm Vicdenni on Instagram.  You'll see pictures of sunrises and sunsets and other views from lovely Colorado as well as cute finds at stores.  I'll be sharing some craft projects, my home and you'll get a sneak peak at the upcoming weeks blog post. I hope you start following me! 

Hopefully this weekend I'll get to the store and make this bunny wreath....

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