Monday, March 28, 2016

How to change your decor for each season

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter, on a personal note our family was blessed with some family healing this Easter !  What an amazing thing!!!

Now that spring is here in most of the country, (I live in Colorado, we had a blizzard last week and are expecting more snow this week - though as I write this it is 68 degrees!), we can now concentrate on spring/summer decorating!  But exactly how do you go about decorating for a non holiday time?  Sort of like after Christmas the house looks so bare.  I'm going to tell you how I change décor from season to season, this is not the only way to do it.  This method works for me. 

One of the things that I do is that I keep certain décor items out all year 'round.  Be it pinecones (one of my go-to décor items), chunks of wood (useful as risers for items), anything dragonflies (just love them and I've got them all over the place), flowers (faux and or real) or rocks and seashells; items I have on display all year long and I just put seasonal items around them. 

Here is a fall example:
I have several of these little dragonfly plates.  My daughter got them for me one Christmas and I use them all year round. 

Here are two dragonfly plates that I am currently using.

For me, keeping some of the décor consistent makes it less harsh when you change things up for a season. 

Even when I decorate my mantle - which I have a bit of trouble doing sometimes because it is dark and it has this very dark railroad tie mantle shelf I try to keep some of the things the same. 

Then I add a bit of the unusual, a window pane.
I made the boxwood wreath last year. 

I also always use flowers be them faux or real throughout the year.  I do change the flowers up for each season but I always have flowers.

Here are the flowers I have out right now.

Here is an example from last summer.  Even on my porch I use flowers. 

These are fresh flowers from my garden.  I made the vase out of a pickle jar, spray painted it gold then turned it upside down and dripped blue paint over it.

Here is my mantle from this past Easter; notice the wood and glass hurricane candles.
Here is the mantle for St. Patrick's Day:

I kept the section of wood in the same place.  Consistency.

That is my big tip - keep a few things consistent in your décor.  You can move them around your living room, family room or wherever you are decorating but keeping a few key items always on display will help you transition from one season to another. 

I simply add seasonal items in around these items and those seasonal items always include flowers, seashells, rocks, pictures, pinecones, orbs and pieces of wood. 

I hope these tips and examples helped you.  I'd love to hear how you change up your seasonal décor. 

Until next week.... stay safe!

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